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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I downloaded a game, but now I don't kwow how to open it. The file is composed of some layerXY.arch04 files. I tried to open them with WinRar, but it was not possible. Does anybody know what to do? I attach a picture of the folder (seen with WinRar) with these special files. Thanks a lot, J
  2. I downloaded the GTK "All in one Bundle" from their website, and later had trouble figuring out how to install it. This is what I did. I have the zipped folder on my desktop. I right clicked on it and extracted all files to my desktop. So now, I have two folders there, the zipped and extracted. I don't have the slightest clue with what to do next. I thought that extracting the files would create a setup icon. I've been trying to research into the process, but I'm not understanding anything. Would anyone be able to help me?
  3. After hard disk failure I installed a new hard disk and needed to re-install Windows 8 Media Center Edition which had originally been properly installed and activated in October 2012. After a false start (i.e. installing Windows 8 without first installing Windows Vista - why does the upgrade disk let you do this if it is not going to work?), I re-installed Windows Vista from the original OEM CD, Then I re-installed the Windows 8 Pro upgrade from the original CD pre-ordered and bought from Microsoft. This installation activated but only after I had used the telephone service and confirmed that
  4. So for a long long time I've had problems with the Windows Installer service not being accessible and not letting me install things etc. However I remember I followed a guide to fix it and it just made things worse, the windows installer service was gone entirely. I've not really bothered looking for a fix because it's just become strenuous and I didn't particularly need anything installed at the time. Now I do however, and I've no idea where to begin. Some notes however. I use Windows Vista x64, but I didn't get an installation disc with my PC so I can't reformat it, nor do I know how to a
  5. Hey, Im in the process of building my own pc and I decided to go for windows 8 as the default os. I prefer to download the iso to a stick but I couldnt find a place to download said iso and a legit serial code. I tried to look on the official windows site but the only thing I find there is an upgrade assistant from older windows versions, but as I have a brand new system I have nothing to upgrade from. So I was wondering whether I can run the upgrade assistant on my laptop with windows 7 and choose to export it to usb, I know the option is there. This would mean that I could afford a brand
  6. All, I have a custom built desktop that my friend and I built about 3 months ago. One day, it would not startup (It would just get stuck on the windows loading screen). I tried startup repair, using a LiveCD to fix any registry errors with no avail. So, I decided to reinstall the system all together. I deleted ALL existing partitions on my hard drive. The install seemed to be successful until the very last steps where windows is "setting up your computer for first time use" (or something like that). It then restarts and the screen flashes blue with white text aka the blue screen of death. I c
  7. Hi, There are lot of software that people install that work only when opening them (like open office and others). As for open office and LiberOffice, do they affect the windows performance if they are installed, but not opened (Do they use any resources while not in use)? In general, softwares that are installed and in order to use them you must open them, do they use any resources while not in use? Thanks, Dave
  8. I'm running Windows XP SP3, with all the latest updates for Windows. Recently an Avira Free antivirus scan had these results: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\59\10b513bb-7e0be406 [0] Archive type: ZIP --> App.class [DETECTION] Contains recognition pattern of the JAVA/Paladin.A Java virus --> Ballau.class [DETECTION] Contains recognition pattern of the JAVA/Agent.MY Java virus --> Burrow.class [DETECTION] Contains recognition pattern of the JAVA/Paladin.B Java virus --> Robonuka.class [DETECTION] Co
  9. Hey all, So, my computer came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. It's got a sticker on it with the license number. However, the manufacturer (Gateway) did not provide me with an installation disc. Sadly, my computer has recently become infected with malware. I want to do the safe thing and perform a complete re-partition, re-format, and re-install. How can I get an installation disc for Windows 7?
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