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wma to mp3 files


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Over the last month I have ripped over 500 audio cds via Windows Media Player on XP and converted them to wma files.

I have been asked if I can burn a cd of mp3 files with the wma filesI have in my library. I know I probably should of set the rip option to mp3 in the first place, but is there away of converting to mp3 with out having to rip all the cds again?

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Best to save in a non-compressed format e.g WAV. These can be converted to other formats when required. If you save in a compressed format such as MP3, the compression process loses information so that if you convert back to, say, WAV, that lost information is not recoverable. If then you convert back to MP3, even more information is lost. After just a few times, the files become useless.

The downside is that uncompressed files take up a lot of space.

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