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Police wearing Union Flag badges


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I read this story with dismay, now I can understand that Police should not be allowed to wear badges promoting anything but this rule seems to be selective, but this is not the part I am dismayed with, it's the fact that someone made a complaint that the Union Flag showing support for our troops is offensive and then the Police authorities decide to act on it, if I made a complaint saying that a police officer wearing a gay pride badge was offensive I would be told to go away and stop beig homophobic (spelling?)

Frankly if people are offended by Britain, it's laws and customs or it's flag why don't they just go elsewhere. It's time the majorities feelings were taken into consideration and not just the minorities which seems to be happening on a multitude of things, the PC brigade are ruining this country and I think eventually will push more voters into the arms of the extreme right parties meaning the possibilty of more race trouble

Support the troops

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Forgive me if I have misunderstood, but as I read it the ban has been dropped. I agree with your sentiments, and am sick to death of political correctness, and the erosion of the rights and feelings of the British in favour of those not born here.

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