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BSOD's a Simple Guide


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A simple, and hopefully easily understood basic guide for those new to computing or just bewildered.

(In 2 parts.)

Please click on the following link to open a new window in your browser. Click on the big button in the middle of the screen. You may stop the player to take notes, and whilst in stop mode you can use the timeline slider to flip back and forth through the movie.

I have no wish to baffle people with BS, or blow my own trumpet. I just like to see folks understand and enjoy their computers without angst. That gives me great pleasure.

Part One:

CLICK HERE: http://dl.dropbox.co...THE%20MOVIE.htm

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'tas been a rough night with stormy waters mein Capitan !

Cap'n Bludgard lies still, in a drunken sleep upon the poop-deck. I have sailed her well I feel. :D

Second part of the voyage will come when the:




Tells us when it is safe to up anchor and sail once more.

John. :flowers:

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What is this; some kind of mutiny goin' on? Who posted movies whilst I lay in a drunken slumber? :ranting:

What was that?

Oh, MANEMAN has thrown in with us, has he? Make sure he has what is necessary to sail the schooner and if I find there are any mumblins' about his Cap'nship, all shall be thrown to the sharks and a new crew of ruffians installed.

Said and done.

Welcome, Cap'n MANEMAN. Great job; and for this a keg of rum from my personal "collection" to show my appreciation.


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