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Thank you.

I have just noticed Sequencers on your list, will have a look in a moment.

Anyone wanting to find a particular type of software fast ? -

-Go: Ctrl + F, a little box shows up. Enter the name of the type of software you are looking for and it will be highlighted on that eye wrenching blue background. :lol:

That's how I got to Sequencers so fast.


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Hi Anders_86

Your website has enormous amounts of information. Well done!

For me, personally, there was so much info, I could do with a better index or a 'sort' or perhaps a 'search' feature so that I could take advantage of the vast amount of information available...

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Dear All,


the fast freeware site has been updated with download links to:

Windows update and Microsoft update

WinX Youtube downloader.

PdfImport for OpenOffice 4.

Dotnet cleanup tool.

The google.reg file.

PDF-Xchange viewer.

Slackware and Slackbuilds.

Windows live mail.

Google drive.

XP security console.

Root certificates.

Microsoft security essentials.

GoBug entirely free for Win32.


The following links were removed :


Foxit reader.






436 download links in total.

Enjoy !




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Dear All,


the fast freeware site at freedownloads.eu5.org has been updated with :

Virtual CloneDrive

Microsoft Install Clean-up

Windows script

Spool 1.2

Unreal Speccy P4 0.38.2

maketzx / wintzx

XP Smoker Pro


Daemon tools and EmuZWin were removed from the site.


Enjoy !



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