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Although SC6 is currently installed on this system (and I have very little knowledge of it"s mystical properties), I greatly apreciate this finding and posting.

I cannot believe Adobe is giving something away.

Many times I get the request to install PS or some other Adobe product on a machine and I can finally offer a solution that doesn't attract dubious stares....

dubious.jpg766b88f7.gif, MANEMAN.

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What it is, I think, is that Adobe are offering all of their out of date bloatware to fill the hard drives of all computers to prevent any sensible lean software being used. With the ever-increasing size of hard drives they need to provide a lot more than just the Acrobat reader to prevent people installing competitors products due to space limitations.

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You are probably right pops. :)

I will just mention that if you install older versions of Photoshop on Windows 7, and then find that you have no internet connection. Dont panic. This is due to Bonjour Services. The thing to do is go into Windows "Services" and either set it to "Automatic" - Delayed start, or just stop the service running completely. That cures the problem.

I upgraded someone's computer to W7 and then done a big one-off install of all their software. After that there was no internet connection. Took me bloody ages to find out what the problem was.


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Well there you go then. - Another political U turn.

If any of you were quick enough off of the block, you will have downloaded CS2 items, virtualized them with ThinApp and now have perfectly legal copies to distribute to your family.

Unfortunately the incoming news from "IMTNT" says that things are not as they first were. - Shame. :)

It would seem that you may have missed the boat by going off to bed too early ! :( Aaaahh !

Never mind.

Their fault not ours.

The early bird catches the worm.

Stand around discussing it, and you will miss it.

Stand in one place for too long and people steal your boot laces.

Hard facts of life innit ?

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... CS2 items, virtualized them with ThinApp ....

There you go again: I was trying to figure out how to put this together into an easy install package. It was a mess pointing the install media to it's extraction directory w/each file. After about 5 or 6 tries I finally got it on a VM. Works fine but still don't know how to use the product.45549407.gif


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