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What is paypal Ipn and how to work with it using php?

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I would NOT touch it with the proverbial barge pole, neither will I touch face book since my granddaughter downloaded two viruses from it.

You can get a virus from anywhere, but avoiding one comes with some self awareness. Just because she ended up getting a virus that could have been from facebook does not mean that the site itself is bad (nor does it mean I am saying facebook is good, because it is crap). I'm not a facebook user, but any large site like that can be a target host for malicious scripts. The rules are simple though in avoiding a virus otherwise.

@Belatucadrus - Just because you don't like PayPal doesn't mean however that other people don't use it. So why neglect that statistic? In doing so, you would potentially be eliminating a method of payment for your users, all because of a personal opinion.

@OP - If you have IPN integrated, you can have a backend PHP script that would manage things, essentially making it easier for you to deal with transactions. Imagine how much harder it would be, to have to manage everything manually just by checking your Paypal account or any email notifications you would get from Paypal for updates?


This is a solution to those problems. API's are good for this reason.

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