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Thought to try this browser as 64 bit etc and Firefox itself not AFAIK anyway.

But like others in the group it only imports from IE or Chrome which imported from Firefox but not up to date as only use it as standby and because printer I use prints fine off of it but wont off off Firefox as says incompatible with W7 which it is actually but whole heap of ink which is more expensive than a printer itself so using it up..

Then then will go for another Epson as best on price for ink by far. :devil:

It has also made itself default. Now that is a nasty thing happening today, downloaded Opera for the lap top as an alternative - but it also makes itself default with no way to change it. So uninstalled. And got Chrome which avoid usually as they say tracks you but then so does IE these days too many times tells me things I havent told it as only use it for live mail these days when not interested in giving out real address.

what is going on then - a fight for browser supremacy?

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After you have installed a new browser that sets itself as default, there is an easy way to change the default one.

Click the Windows orb, click Control panel, click Programs, click Set programs and defaults, click custom, click double chevron on the right, select your default browser, click OK, all done.

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whole heap of ink which is more expensive than a printer itself so using it up..

Don't forget that new printers are invariably supplied with what they euphemistically call a " Light user cartridge " which generally translates to " Mainly air " so the price difference between a new printer and replacement full cartridges is never quite as good as it looks.

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