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Remember the Top Gear Argentina fiasco ?


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Due to the frequently childish often provocative nature of the comments some of the Top Gear presenters make I wasn't entirely sure about the stoning cars event. I know they can be idiotic but I also know the current Argentine regime has an economy going down the toilet rapidly and tends to yell Las Malvinas son Argentinas loudly at salient points in the vague hope that the populace will not notice that they're up the creek without a paddle.

Then I had an idea and a bit of Googling found this :-

Instant car check report

Seems the Porsche has carried the supposedly offensive plate since 2001 which means it's either the most complex conspiracy in BBC history or Top Gear are for once innocent and reaping the rewards of their own prior idiocies.

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I always thought the whole thing was a fiasco, There was nothing on the reg. plate that immediately reminded me of the Falklands War. I think the Argies were just looking at something to stir the whole thing up again.

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What irritates me is that many newspaper " journalists " like the Telegraphs Jack Carfrae still use phrases like :

The crew and presenters maintain it was total coincidence, but not everyone was convinced

Showing a clear implication that the Beeb may have done it despite what they say. Looking the plate history up isn't rocket science, if I can do it so can the journos , but maybe that's one of those inconvenient truths that would spoil the article.

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