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This weeks musical offering guitar virtuoso at work


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17 hours ago, IMTNT said:

Rather disturbing taste of music, Are you sure he is a She?


Yep Kaki King (born Katherine Elizabeth King )


Also very obviously female from hips to visible bra strap, some people either need to clean the gunge off their screens or check they're using the right specs.


If you think she's disturbing check out some of the other stuff I've been posting from Klaus Nomi to Ladybaby, should cause a few funny turns. I'll admit much was selected for it's weird even shocking nature, Kaki King was simply because she's good and the visual element was novel. So somewhat surprised she's giving some of you difficulties.

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My original thought was that it was projected onto the guitar body from something in front which would explain why the guitar needed to be mounted on a frame. The problem with that theory is that there doesn't appear to be any image bleed onto her playing arm when it gets in the way. So there may be some way of projecting from the interior of the guitar body but I have no idea of how that could be done. Damned clever however they did it.

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To sing that well, you need a lot of years of practice and determination. I am sure she could win anyone's heart with her talent, but I think it's essential o appreciate her hard work. Regarding the show ger guitar did, it's not just simple led lights. I think she used unique accessories for a guitar. They are sold in any music store, and they help you not only to make your instruments look spectacular but also to improve your skills. There are a. lot of other accessories that are meant to enhance the sound or to make it easier to carry or hold the guitar.

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