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Mobile Wifi data sim

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We recently bought a TP mobile wifi gadget.  I started with a 1GB 30day data sim from '3'.


It very soon needed a top up!  The second is now on its way out...  What could possibly be consuming the data at such a fast rate of knots?  :huh:


Does anyone have advice for what and where the best deal might be available?  (The 'gadget' is not locked into any specific provider).

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I think it's my iPad which is munching it all up.   

Perhaps there is some setting(s) needing adjustment to prevent it from being so greedy!   :unknw:

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Well Gandalf is our resident Apple expert so he may have a better answer than me, but if I read this correctly it may have been a carrier update and once done should not need to be repeated, only time will tell.

If I'm right the downside could be that if you change service provider from 3 it could happen again.

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Irene - I have a 3 data only 12 GB Pay as You Go SIM in a TP Link Mobile WiFi Hotspot http://tinyurl.com/yc9u4l47  left permanently in my car tethered as a mobile WiFi Hot Spot. It is also useful when we are away from home and cannot access a hotel WiFi network. We can both connect our phones/tablets/laptop to it and gain access to the internet via the 3G or 4G data link. After having it for 8 months I have used 9 GB of data. However - we make sure that nothing connected to it is set to download software updates. We only allow that when connected to our home or hotel WiFi network.








(why buying directly from 3 is more expensive than from Amazon or Argos is a mystery)


It connects to the Internet by 4G and to the car via WiFi. I use it for the car sat-nav to download speed camera and real time traffic data. The SIM lasts for 12 months with nowt else to pay. It cost me £29.99 from Argos in May last year. I see it has increased in price by a fiver.


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