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Keyboard undetected

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Is this a wired or a wireless keyboard?


If it is wired, and assuming it's USB connected, have you tried connecting it via a different USB port?


If it is wireless, is the signal from the keyboard being picked up by whatever device links it to the computer (Bluetooth or specific T/R system)?


Either way, as you state the device is working on other machines, you could try a system restore to a time before the failure occured.

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If you have change you keyboard from one system to another, then you need to restart your system. Because it will not work without restarting the system or might be your cable is not set properly or there might be an issue of malware in the system or keyboard.

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To begin with, it’s not something that should be fixed in itself. The message is there for a reason. Windows simply can’t find a keyboard.

Ok, either you don’t have a keyboard, or you are connecting it to a dysfunct PS/2 port, or a bad USB-port.


if first: buy a keyboard.

if second: buy a keyboard. ( with USB )

if third: Try another USB-port. If still doesn’t work, buy another keyboard.


If still not detected then try updating your IO drivers

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