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Resolved - Firefox and Chrome Browsers


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Have any other forum members been experiencing problems with Firefox and Chrome loading?  Today is the second time I have experienced this problem while not having any difficulty whatsoever with Opera.  I realize networks are experiencing more traffic now than before and also that Firefox and Chrome are more popular than Opera.  Today when I downloaded the new version of Firefox, I was using Opera at the time, I couldn't even install the program.  It would install probably 95% than would give me a message that it couldn't finish the installation.  When I tried again later in the evening the new program installed as normal with no problems.  Just curious if others are also having this difficulty.  If not I suppose it may have something to do with my provider.  Wednesday and Thursday my internet speed was not near as high as normal and I excused that to high internet traffic.  Anyway, just asking.  As always I will appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. 

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 is there something I need to do to mark it as answered?

The site used to offer some admin functions so that a poster could close a thread of their own creation. Somewhere over time and forum updates the feature went AWOL.

I think you've done all you can with the current setup. 

I wouldn't worry about it, its not as if anybody's left to notice, everybody else has sodded off either to join the bleedin' choir invisible or some other forum.

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