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Found 4 results

  1. Alright, here's the deal. I built a PC, it works beautifully but here's the OS situation... I used my Laptop's Factory OS install disc, which doesn't ask for anyything at all it just makes your HDD Windows Vista. Awesome. Well I had a formatting issue later caused by all kinds of BIOS whoopsies... to straighted that out, I upgraded Vista to Windows 7 because I had a Windows 7 upgrade just sitting around. Well the problem is I installed Windows 7 Home Premium but my CD key is for Professional. Now Windows (rightfully) thinks my copy of windows isn't genuine because the genuine one would be
  2. So I've been experiencing two errors, and I'm not sure if they're connected or not: First, I began seeing a popup telling me that "Windows could not be activated." I found this strange as I had just successfully installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit over my "Not Genuine" copy of windows 7 home 32-bit (installed by the folks at office depot when I used this Hard Drive for the laptop I bought there). Re-Typing the product code in the box containing the OS disk did not work, so I decided to ignore it until my dad could help me with this problem. We haven't got to that yet. Today, out of nowhere, m
  3. After hard disk failure I installed a new hard disk and needed to re-install Windows 8 Media Center Edition which had originally been properly installed and activated in October 2012. After a false start (i.e. installing Windows 8 without first installing Windows Vista - why does the upgrade disk let you do this if it is not going to work?), I re-installed Windows Vista from the original OEM CD, Then I re-installed the Windows 8 Pro upgrade from the original CD pre-ordered and bought from Microsoft. This installation activated but only after I had used the telephone service and confirmed that
  4. Forthcoming information ? - It is all about getting the computer user back on the road as swiftly as possible, and by whatever means available and possible. Sometimes the very answers to problems that we ask people to talk us through are right here on the forum all of the time. As a voluntary forum there is not always someone around with the time free to come back with an immediate reply. Guides offer answers to simple problems in one consolidated area of the forum. Not much point in running over everything twice when you can read and understand it once. You will soon have that computer of
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