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Found 9 results

  1. I have a new Western Digital external hard disk, which be with me like 2 months. Well, here's the problem, when i tried to open the content, my computer cannot read the external hard disk. Then i waited for several minutes, it does appear on my my computer section, but it does not shows what it suppose to show (like the hard disk capacity meter and the name of the hard disk). All it tell is 'CD Drive (G:)', and when i double click on it, it tells 'application not found'. I have check it on device manager, it shown over there, but like what i said, i cant open it no matter what. I run auto play, also does nothing. Also i google most of the solution tell me to use Disk Management, which they give solution to change the drive letter, i done it, but still effect nothing. It still the same. I've tried on others computer, failed. I change the usb chord, including the usb booster, failed. The disk inside the device are still running/spinning, and most of WD hard disk have the tiny LED light that indicates its working if it blink so much, but for my problem, the LED light just flashing still motionless. Any solution for this other than formating it, because i cant format it as well! Please help, there's a lot of important task and assignment in there that i need to get it back. Please reply ASAP...thanks
  2. I have bought steelseries siberia V2 Frost blue edition and i have this spark sound problem. I dont know why its happening. It always happens when i stream or have alot of sound on at the same time, like skype+youtube+a game+etc etc. Its something wrong with the usb ports cause my other sibera headset( not frost blue) works fine and they got jack phones or whatever its called. and its not the headset cause i dont have this problem on my moms laptop. So its something wrong with my computer. Any help would be awesome, i have looked for a solution on the internet for months without any luck. ;(
  3. Alright, here's the deal. I built a PC, it works beautifully but here's the OS situation... I used my Laptop's Factory OS install disc, which doesn't ask for anyything at all it just makes your HDD Windows Vista. Awesome. Well I had a formatting issue later caused by all kinds of BIOS whoopsies... to straighted that out, I upgraded Vista to Windows 7 because I had a Windows 7 upgrade just sitting around. Well the problem is I installed Windows 7 Home Premium but my CD key is for Professional. Now Windows (rightfully) thinks my copy of windows isn't genuine because the genuine one would be Windows 7 pro. I tried entering the Windows pro key into the anytime upgrade thing but that didn't work and I dont know enough about windows to do anything other than just reinstall my OS... which I will do if I have to... I just dont want to. And I would just leave it ungenuine longer but I got a webcam and there's a drivers issue and windows is freezing the device saying it won't handle the drivers because my windows isn't legit... which is fair. It's not legit. But I have a CD key plz let me use it. I just dunno how.
  4. Hey, just want to ask. I was doubt on fixing my You Tube buffering that always makes me pissed off everytime i wanted to watch online video. So heres the problem. I was watching one of You tube video and the buffering indicator are not moving. Even i had my internet speed flows really well (2 MBPS, so there gonna be unbuffering video i guess). Anyway, the wifi are only i use for my selft. The weird part of the video is, when i resume the video again, the grey buffering indicator are also run. But when i pause it, the gey indicator also being pause. Sometimes it just stuck somewhere in there. I just try to 'Ping Of Death' the server, to make sure the data pass without stuck, but the problem seems still. I also clear the cache like you tube help refer, but stull have the same problem. So, anybody?
  5. I'm currently running on Ubuntu Linux 11.10. I wanted to switch back to Windows so I ordered an installation disk that arrived today. I wiped out the Ubuntu partition and installed Windows. The installation went well, but when I tried to connect to the Internet, my Ethernet modem was not recognized. I called my Internet provider, Cox Communications, and they walked me through this process: Start --> Control Panel --> Network Connections. They wanted me to find the Local Area Connection (LAN) but it was missing. The representative said that I had incorrectly installed the hardware and thus had to do certain configurations to get it to work. I'm not too good with computer technology, so I'm lost. Anyone know how to fix this problem, or what hardware I need? I went to the device manager and saw the Yellow question marks and etc. So I'm missing something. Yet it won't let me fix it without Internet connection which is what I'm trying to get.... Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  6. Hi everyone! I use win7 and i recently bought a brand new internal hard disk (1TB) which i splitted in two partitions and made it as my "main hard disk" on which letting run the o.s. Together with this new one, i have another 2 internal HDD (one is Maxtor and i can't remember the other's mark) and 3 external ones (whose two are Maxtors and the last is a Treckstor) Now, u can even "count off" the Treckstor one since it does have a button to turn it on or off when i need it (usually kept it off, cuz i use it only as "storage" every now and then) Even before having the brand new internal HDD i was having moments in which the two external maxtors were activating themselves alone even while i wasn't using them at all, but this never really bothered me as i, somewhat, thought it was "normal" (i'm definitely not a pc expert) But now that i have the brand new internal HDD, i started to see this thing as a sort of "problem": because the two external maxtors (especially one of them), together with the one other internal maxtor, are getting to be activated by themselves when i'm not opening/executing/doing anything from their directories nor files. The problem comes because this *suddenly* activation of one of those HDD while i'm truly not using them has started to temporarily block everything i'm doing on my (new) main HDD: be it surfing the internet or watching a video or writing a text.. anything, it just gets blocked for 10-20 seconds, and then once the *not asked* maxtor has started to run itself, everything gets back to normal on my main hdd and i can use it back again.. But i just don't get why this happens, and if i can do anything to stop it. ps: yeah i have to say that this happens only with the maxtor ones, as long as i noticed, the other non-maxtor internal hdd never gave me those problems (nor did the treckstor one, who i can keep turned off all the time i do not use it, sadly i dont have the buttons to keep off the other two external maxtor hdd as well) Thank you for listening in advance, i hope someone knows any solution ;w;
  7. Hey! My Windows Media Player (11) decided to be difficult. It worked fine for a while - and it still plays music - but the library stays empty. It won't add any songs, or anything. I didn't find a way to delete this Media Player and apparently, it isn't possible to install a new one. So, what to do?
  8. Hey, I've been having some problems with the following process WmiPrvSE.exe, i have 2 instances of it running one using minor memory, and less then 1% cpu the other, appearing identicle and orginating from the system32/wbem folder so i don't believe it is a virus, but it uses 3-5% cpu, and on the next refresh 18-25% then back to 3-5% and about 30,000k memory. The usage is accross all 4 cores, before i reformated about a week ago i didn't have this problem and on my work computer i don't have this issue either, i've check for virus's using windows esscental, which when it found nothing i uninstalled and tried AVG free, as well as spybot search and destroy. all coming up with only 1 or 2 bad cookies. But nothing to fix this rouge file, i've read that it is essecental to system process but never what it actually does or what uses, it. I've found that ending the process, only makes it restart instantly and suspending the process, solved the problem but i would like to know how to fix the problem for good if all else fails, i'm going to Secure formate the SSD and reinstall windows again. My system specs are as follows: Intel i5 2500k, 8gb corsair vengance ram, Nvidia 560ti, 750w psu, WIndows home prem 7, P67 UD4 B3 gigbyte mobo,
  9. So yesterday I built my own computer and all. Everything worked fine, fans, no Leds shining or anything so I thought it was about time to get into my bios and change so the DVD was booting up first. After I'd done that I put my Windows 7 DVD in and run the installation. The first time I tried to install it got stuck at copying files so it just stayed at 0% so I closed the installation and shutdown the computer. Then I switched the SATA cable from the DVD to another slot and it said like "BOOT MGR is missing". So I changed back to the same slot and the installation could be booted again. The second time I tried to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit the copying files went to 100 % instantly and got stuck at expanding files so it just stayed at 0 %. So I cancelled the installation one more time and shutdown the computer. Now I was going to try a third thing. I tried to run the installation with only one RAM and it got to 100% on copying files again but the installation went through like normally on the rest stuff (maybe a little slow). So when the installation was finished the computer restarted and after a while starting windows appeared, I thought it was finally going to work but no luck. No logo appeared and it just where stuck at Starting Windows and the background was black. After like 30 minutes the screen went black and starting windows disappeared. I restarted the computer and the same thing happened. I put in the second ram and the same thing happened. So I ran the windows installation again and formated the harddrive and reinstalled windows but still no luck, the same thing happends on the installation instantly 100 % at copying files and then rest of the installation is very very slow. This morning I ran a startup repair before going to school but after trying a million things it seems like I'm never going to get Windows working. I've looked around on other forums and stuff and found it could be a problem with the DVD. Maybe that's the problem? I have no idea actually. I could also send you my computer specs when I come home... I'm at the school at the moment. Please help me... Regards Kemkoi.
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