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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, all If a Windows XP machine is deployed only to run a few legitimate programs, say, stock trading software from eTrade, and never used to browse the internet, would it be safe to continue running it after April 2014? The computer is behind a hardware firewall and connected to the internet to obtain real-time stock price data. It's otherwise fully patched, security-wise. Thanks in advance!
  2. Trying to get online on my PC after work, no program that required internet connectivity, IE, Chrome, different video games, would work. Check modem and router, rebooted bout a couple times, checked cabling, cables are good. The PC seems to see the network cable when it's hooked up, however I'm still unable to connect to anything requiring the internet. WiFi works, same ethernet cable thats in the PC i removed and plugged into my laptop, with wireless turned off, and can surf fine so it's not a cabling splice or split issue. Device manager states theres no malfunctions with the NIC, have made
  3. I was facing a problem yesterday that was not permitting me to install the Skype on my new window xp sp2. While installing the Skype an error occurs Failed to get PROLogicalProcessor information (Kernel32.dll) After searching the answer along i found that it was due to the old Service pack that my new XP has. I had to upgrade it to SP3 and then found helpful.
  4. If I add a password to my account, what does this mean in terms of security? I.e. does it mean no one can ever see any of my files, browsing history etc? And is it all encrypted or are folders just hidden? Are there different levels of accounts that hase some bearing on this? If someone were to boot up in safe mode or some othere way, can they by-pass any of this? Also, can I set things up so no one else can use the PC at all? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, (Sorry for bad english) I have many profiles in my computer, but one is the Administrator (jsandova, me). Some profiles don't have the option mentioned in this topic title (when you right click a file or a specific folder). I've found in other forums that i should have to register the zipfldr.dll (c:\Windows\system32) again: Start > Run: regsvr32 "C:\Windows\System32\zipfldr.dll" I copied the option in the profile. Start > Run: sendto (this, from my profile jsandova to the other user profile). I logged with the user profile and the i
  6. This one has be scratching my head trying to figure out what's going on. I have a computer at working using Windows XP. I am an engineer and primarily use to programs on the computer, Autodesk Inventor 2009 and Mastercam X5. The first is a CAD program, the second is a CAM program. I didn't have much of a problem with either until last week. Windows updated itself overnight, and when I got to work in the morning and tried to use Mastercam, it was crashing before it would open. I tried restarting the computer, and repairing the program, neither of which worked. Inventor was working fine during t
  7. On my WinXP Laptop I can boot normally to the Welcome Screen but when I try to login it makes the sound it usually does, the screen blinks, and I am back to the welcome screen again. I tried to boot in safe mode but that does not work at all. It just fails with a bluescreen that I can't read because right after it appears on the screen the computer shuts down and reboots. What can I do? Ideally I would like to go back to a restore point. I am also fairly sure that the cause of this is some malware that infected the computer about a day before this started to happen. (A user installed it.)
  8. Every time I try to open a program I get an hourglass cursor and then it just freezes. I can't shut my computer down or restart it either because it just gives me the hour glass symbol. I tried ccleaner to clean the registry and still nothing. I think the windows update is causing this because it didn't kick in, when I shut my computer down the first time. Please help. Everything works properly in safe mode even the shut down and restart.
  9. I use Windows Xp Sp2 32-bit. Most softwares support Sp3 so I downloaded it from Windows site. I still havent installed it because I am afraid that my documents,files and pics would be deleted. So, the question is "Will my data be deleted when I upgrade to Sp3?".
  10. Hi, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a laptop and Windows XP installation disc from my company for private use. Since the installed OS was all messed up and working extremely slowly, I wanted to do a clean install of XP. I wiped out the whole disk with a partitioning tool similar to FDISK. Now, when I try to boot from the original installation disc, which came with the computer, I get an error: STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D663C, 0xC0000034, 0, 0) I checked the internet for information and found out that "7B and 34" probably show a problem with the harddrive controller. I also found out, th
  11. I want to hide/ inactivate the Restart button from the shutdown window (Where i can see Hibernate + Shutdown + Restart) in windows XP. When i click shutdown in start menu it will pop up a new window with three options i mentioned above. I already hide the hibernate through the power options. Now i want to hide/inactivate the restart button too. Appreciating your reply. FAZ.
  12. Hey there.... I have been notice that windows now are not releasing any version like windows xp right?.. Yeah, sure it does. But other than that, i have also know that we can download it for free in internet. Even it was on official Microsoft page. so guys, i just want that os for my low dude pc, and where can i find it?..can someone tell me?..thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I have an old PC with Windows XP Pro. XP boots from 40GB ATA HDD, second HDD is 300GB SATA. SATA disk was partitioned into two partitions - 30GB and 270GB. On 30GB (an unallocated partition), I installed openSuSE 12.1, tested it, and decided to remove it. The 30Gigs were repartioned as 1GB swap, 11GB Linux system partition and 18GB for user directories ( /u ). Using SuSE's YaST I restored the previous MBR. Booted the PC back to Windows XP, it was working fine. Using Windows XP's Disk Management I wanted to delete the three Linux partitions. So, I deleted the first one, the
  14. So I have this old emachines computer that has system32 errors and won't boot.. So I put in the windows xp install cd in there and the booting process just continues as if the cd isn't even in there.. I put the windows xp cd in my primary computer and it recognized it so it's not the cd. I put the windows 7 install cd in the emachines computer and it recognized it so that means the cd drive works. I am totally stumped as to why the computer won't boot the disc. Thanks for help in advance! Henry
  15. I had an unofficial Ms-Dos boot disk (FreeDos) and I was trying to dual boot it with Windows XP. I had made the partition with EaseUS and allocated 20gb. When I booted from the disk on startup, I followed the instructions, then turned my computer off. When I turned it back on there was nothing but a white error message in the3 top-left corner saying, "Error missing or corrupt operating system". So I deleted the the Ms-Dos partition, then used an official Windows XP Service Pack 2 disk and made a new partition and booted into that. I can view all my old files from the original partition except
  16. Hi everyone. I'd appreciate some assistance. I have an old Evesham desktop PC on which the original hard drive failed. My Sister-in-Law needs a new pc because hers is broken, so I brought a new IDE hdd (identical to old one but a different make) for my old computer to fix it up for her. I installed the disk OK inside the tower and set jumper to master because it's the only hard drive. The BIOS recognises and lists the hard drive and the floppy, CD and DVD drives. However, when Windows XP attempts to install I get an error message "windows can not detect any hard disks on this computer." I've g
  17. Hey guys, first post here, woohoo! So I have been running Windows XP on my laptop for a long time. I've tried Ubuntu 11.10 with wubi which I thought was sweet, but I tried the Windows 8 Consumer preview on my lab computer running windows 7 at school and was blown away. I decided to see if my home laptop was compatible with the preview. As you can see, it is: It's a Dell Inspiron 6400 running at 1.83 gigahertz, 2 gigabytes of RAM, 20 gigabytes of open hard drive space. SInce I already had it burned to a DVD, I used the ISO install first. It got to 32 percent or so and then my computer just froz
  18. Bought an Acer Aspire One netbook. Worked fine for half an hour. Connected to wireless, downloaded, etc. Then I shut down. When I started up again with the AC power plugged in and an SD card in the slot (although I don't think it's the problem, the SD card was not formatted for FAT). Now it starts up for 38 seconds and then dies. It shows the Windows XP screen and then goes to "checking disk" it gets to "22% complete" and then shuts down cold. I've tried restarting many times, always 38 seconds. If I do F2 and go to bios, I can change the startup disk, but even while still in Bios it sti
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