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How To Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 2


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Slipstreaming is a way of Integrating a service pack into a Windows Installation. The service pack files will be combined with the files that are contained on your Windows XP Installation Disk.

This will then allow you to create a Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Installation Disk. So when you come to install Windows XP, the install process will also install Service Pack 2. This means that you won't have to install Service Pack 2 as a separate operation...

What Do We Need?

Windows XP Installation Disk [Home or Professional and Pre SP1 and SP1 Editions can be used]

Windows XP Service Pack 2

ISO Buster – Optional

An Image File

1 CD-R

CD-Writing Software


Windows XP Installation Disk

Place the disk in your CD/DVD ROM drive.

Windows XP Service Pack 2

You will need to download Windows XP Service Pack 2 from Here

ISO Buster – Optional

You will need this to extract an image file and luckily ISO Buster is free by clicking here

An Image File

The Image file can be obtained by clicking here but I’ll show you how to extract this image file using ISO Buster.

1 CD-R

1x 650/700MB CD-R will be required.

CD-Writing Software

In this guide Nero 6 will be used, but any other CD-Writing software should be fine.

Let’s Copy Some Files


First create a New folder and rename it to XPCD [you can actually rename it to anything you like]. You can create this New folder anywhere you like but in this guide I have created the folder In the %SYSTEMDRIVE% which in this case is the C drive.

Now, open up My Computer, right click on your CD drive where your Windows XP CD is sitting and choose Explore.

You should now see a few files and folders, click Edit and choose Select All.

Now click Edit again and choose Copy


Open the folder that you created [XPCD] and click Edit and choose Paste. The contents of the Windows XP CD will start to be copied to XPCD folder.


Now place the XPCD folder and the executable of Windows XP Service Pack 2 [xpsp2.exe] next to each other.

The Integration of Windows XP Service Pack 2


Go to Start, Run and type: C:\xpsp2.exe /integrate:C:\XPCD

You can also do this via the Command Prompt

Extracting Files


The necessary files should then be extracted.

Updating Your Windows Share


Now all of the files should then start to be integrated.

Service Pack 2 Setup


You should then be prompted when the integrated install is successful.

Using ISO Buster


Open ISO Buster, and allow it to scan your drives and read your Windows XP CD.

You should then see the contents of the Windows XP CD appear on the right, now on the left click Bootable CD. You should then see two files appear on the right.

We need to extract: Microsoft Corporation.img

Right click on Microsoft Corporation.img and choose Extract Microsoft Corporation.img and save this file to the same location as the XPCD folder and xpsp2.exe.

How To Burn and Make Your New CD Bootable

Now we have to burn the contents of the XPCD folder to a CD-R and we also have to make this CD bootable.

[using Nero 6]

Open Nero Burning ROM and choose CD-ROM (BOOT) for the type of CD.

The BOOT Tab

Now to make the CD bootable we have to make use of the Microsoft Corporation.img file. So click Browse to locate and open this file.

Make sure you change the options exactly as shown in the image.


The ISO Tab

Make sure you change the options exactly as shown in the image.


The Label Tab

Next to Volume Label simply enter a name for this CD.


You can skip the Dates and Misc tabs.

The Burn Tab

Just select the write speed and then click New


Telling Nero What to Burn


Now under File Browser locate and click on the XPCD folder and the contents should be displayed to the right. Select a file or folder and right click and choose Select All

Now right click on a file and choose Copy to Compilation


The files and folders should then be copied over to the left under ISO1

Now at the top of Nero click Recorder and choose Burn Compilation


Now click Burn to start the burning.


Nero will show you the burn progress.


When the the burning process has completed Nero will inform you.

Congratulations !!

You've done it, you have created your Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Installation Disk.

Just as a check make sure you can boot from the CD [as if you were going to install XP] if you can boot from CD then you can install from it.


Thanks to nellie2 for making some words appear in the correct order

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What a great walkthrough it must have taken ages.

I had this done in about 2 days; back at the beginning of July. I was going to post when SP2 was released but then SP2 was put back to August. Now it seems SP2 will be released anytime now so i posted :D

There are many websites that cover SP1 slipstreams but not many for SP2.

I'm unique :o that i use C:\xpsp2.exe /integrate:C:\XPCD to slipstream, there is a few ways so i've found. This is just my guide, my take on slipsteaming just like 100's of others out there.

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Excellent tutorial.  Quick question.  My xp home disk already has sp1 slipstreamed into it what do i need to do to put sp2 on over the top of it or what im confused and a bit tired
What Do We Need?

Windows XP Installation Disk [Home or Professional and Pre SP1 and SP1 Editions can be used]

It doesn't matter besty.

Just slip SP2 right in on there.

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  • 6 months later...

Yes you can as the updates also support the integrate switch.

You'll have to download the updates and do one at a time to integrate them into the i386 folder.



Run the following command to integrate the update.

C:\WindowsXP-KB888113-x86-ENU /integrate:C:\XPCD

The WU is located in C: as well as the XPCD folder.

You should be told when the integration is complete.

Your probably best renaming the updates to something shorter.


To integrate all the updates at once your best using nLite as this can integrate the updates at the sametime...


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And now, I don't know if this question goes here (otherwise Administrators pls move!), but what if I had shrinked down my XP throwing away messenger, IE, WMplayer and alike, using XPlite or something, and then would want or need to reinstall or recover XP and don't want to have a whole image of my partition? I mean, is there a way to slipstream all this changes into the slipstreamed XP CD? I confess it sounds weird, but... :shy1:

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