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Scarecrow Man

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I noticed a feature called Google Web Accelerator in the list provided by Scarecrow Man and decided to give it a try.

It does what it says on the tin - most web pages now load much more quickly.

But it there a downside that I have yet to find.....????

Thanks for that, AlanHo. Because you had found it useful (and it is "made" by Google) I thought I would give it a go. It is working very well so far. Only a few seconds saved but this keeps me cool and unirritated!

Useful tool.

Thos. :flowers:

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Google Web Accelerator works like this:

Most provider's bandwidth is much less than Google's (ever see Google taken down by DDoS? Doubt it...). Because of this, when you use GWA, you submit the request to Google, they retrieve the page, then deliver it. The only real implication to this is at a privacy level. They can (and likely do) cache a copy of most pages you visit (excepting Secure Forms).

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If you are agree than suggest the reason..


This post has been reported to the mods as SPAM.

If you quote the original spam link in your post, then the effect is exactly the same as spam.

The target of forum spamming are not the forum users themselves, but search engines (search engine ranking). So even if the original spam post is removed, you have preserved the spam link with your post, and the spammer's goal has been achieved.

P.S. do not confuse spam with SPAM™ - some people actually like it :D

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