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Do You Think You Are Infected?


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If you think you have Malware or a Virus, follow this guide carefully.

Ok, First thing we need to check is that you have an Anti-Virus program currently running on your computer and that it is upto date too.

Secondly, If you do not have installed on your computer then please choose one from the links below which will direct you to the website for you to download a Anti-Virus program.

It is very important that you have a Anti-Virus program currently running on your computer and that it is upto date before we can actually help you in removing malware from your computer, as when the malware is removed your Anti-Virus program will protect you from being reinfected and prevent any further malware/virus infections.

Recommended Anti-Virus programs;

Microsoft Security Essentials

Avira Antivir personal free Anti-Virus

Please Note, having too many Antivirus Programs can cause problems, including slowness, conflicts, and more vulnerability to infection.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free can detect and remove most stubborn Malware.

Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free Here

1. Ok firstly Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free to your prefered location & Install mbam-setup.exe and then Update it;

2. Reboot your computer into safemode;

3. Then open MalwareBytes Free and then Run a full scan and wait till it is complete;

4. When the scan is complete, a PopUp windows will open, this will be the results of the scan;

5. Check the results for any infections, then close this window, and If you find you have been infected with Malware make sure everything is checked and click Remove Selected;

6. Once you have selected all malware from the list and removed successfully you will be required to reboot your computer, Do so;

7. Finally, Run a full scan again as before but only this time do it Normal Mode, and repeat as before.

Hopefully all malware should be removed.

Once Complete I Recommend that you Remove/Delete any Restore Points from System Restore and making a fresh new clean one. Also, Remove temp files, clean out the web browser cache for all browsers and, empty the Recycle Bin, etc... you can use a small program called Ccleaner for performing these tasks.

Make a back up of your registry too just in case in the furture things turn horrible again.

Also please remember to keeps all Security Software upto date and your windows update is set to install updates automatically too.

It is very important to take on these measures as this will help prevent any infection in the future. There is also a web browser safe search tool called WOT "web of trust" for firefox which is very good,

Web of Trust warns you about risky sites, this will help you decide what is a safe website and what is not.

There is a very good program called SpyWareBlaster that will help protect you from downloading potetially dangerous softwares/programs it holds a large data base of malicaus programs.

Why it is important to have a good firewall installed;

A firewall keeps your data safe from Internet hackers that would steal your personal information. With increasing incidents of identity theft and more powerful viruses hitting the Internet every day, a firewall helps keep your data safe.

Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to a system or network. Firewalls block intruders. A firewall can be a software program you install on your computer and/or network.

Here are two types of firewalls.

Host-based firewalls software that protects only the computer it is installed on.

Network-based firewalls installed between your DSL or cable modem and your home network to protect all the computers on the network

Here are 2 good free FireWalls for you to look at;

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Comodo Firewall Free

All Listed Software Are Below For Download Free;

Microsoft Security Essentials

Avira Antivir personal free Anti-Virus

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free

SpyWareBlaster Free

Other Essential Downloads Free;



If you find you are still Infected with malware after completing this guide Make a thread "post" of your own with all details of how/when & how long you have had this issue for and exact symptoms, we will then take other avenues to help remove the infections from your computer.

Hope you found this useful, and good luck!

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