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New free Antivirus / Cleaner etc


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I'll give it a try out on my laptop. The Laptop is only kept as a spare computer and only contains the basics on it. No Bank account, Paypal, or anything personal related. If it is spyware they are going to get nothing from it except probably my name and location.

When I get it back from Junior tomorrow that is.

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Tried out Bee Doctor.

Nice User Interface. Easy to navigate.

It seems to have the lot on. Anti-virus which runs through your programs and checks for the usual. Cleaner, which removes junk and purports to speed up the machine. It also has a program uninstaller if you want to get rid of installed programs you no longer use. Registry Checker which gives you the opportunity to fix any errors it comes up with at the click of a button.

It also has what is called a Magic Bubble which you can have on screen permanently which gives you the speed of your Uploads and Downloads and also shows you the amount of memory you have left. You can remove it by right-clicking and selecting "Close".

All in all it appears to be OK, but as with all these Anti-virus Cleaner products, time will tell.

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5 hours ago, sitesazan2 said:

I do not think free antiviruses are helpful. I'm using NOD-32. Both for smartphones, and for laptops.

I have used Nod for many years. It is always in the top bunch and is not over expensive. I particularly like the free phone support. If there is ever a problem, they will offer to take over your computer and put it right for you.

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