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Words with a prefix which denotes a number

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Each poster posts a word (in no particular order) in which the prefix denotes a number...

The prefix can be repeated as many times as you wish.


I will begin with: 


Bicycle  (Bi = 2

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2 hours ago, Belatucadrus said:

Tenacious   ( Ten = 10 )

Large Mistletoe Sprig

Not exactly what I first intended, but what the hell, it's Christmas!   :wink:

We can make our own rules and  use either the original prefix strategy intended, but also include the actual prefix of the written number.


Below are the one's from the original 'thought', but please feel free to use either.  :kiss2:


These are slight variations to the ones you listed, mostly due to the difference of Greek and Latin prefixes:

Number Greek- Latin
------ ----- -----
1 mono- uni-
2 duo-/di- duo-/bi-
3 tri- tri-
4 tetra- quad-
5 penta- quint-
6 hex- sex-
7 hept- sept-
8 oct- oct-
9 ennea- non-
10 dec- dec-
20 icosa- vigint-
30 triaconta- trigint-
40 tetraconta- quadragint-
50 pentaconta- quinquagint-
60 hexaconta- sexagint-
70 heptaconta- septuagint-
80 octaconta- octogint-
90 enneaconta- nonagint-
100 hect - cent-

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