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Gaurav Kumar

Windows 8.1 hangs a lot

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I have recently installed windows 8.1, but whenever I open browser for long time or keep any application such as microsoft word or any other application open for long time. It hangs the whole system.


I had to restart it to use the machine. Is there anything that you can suggest me to fix this issue.

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Abandon Windows and install Linux Mint.

You will wonder why any one uses anything else.

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What were you using before installing W8.1 and what is the specification of your PC ? While not my favourite operating system or Windows version, 8.1 doesn't have any inherent issues that cause the problems you refer to, so any suggestions are likely to be wild guesses at the moment.

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Well this happens to me to , this problem was in my sony viao laptop in which it was upgraded from win 8 to 8.1 , but when i keep any thing open and don't use them (means not using laptop at  that time). the whole system hangs and i'm unable to do anything and have to restart it. for solution i kept vlc player up and continue anything play anything while i'm going away from laptop. that worked. But Still didn't find the core of the problem.

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I am unable to understand why anyone is still using the 8th incarnation of the Windows O/S after Microsoft realised their faux pas with the system and gave away the next version of Windows for free.

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Have you recently installed Windows 8 and experienced it hangs a lot? Does your cursor move for a few seconds and then it hangs? If so, we understand how strange and irritating it is because generally there is no apparent reason behind this irksome situation.


If you want to try the workaround, we’re here to help you. In this article you’ll find step-by-step guidelines to fix Windows 8 hangs.


Speed Up PC

It is essential to speed up your PC to ensure you get maximum performance. Use optimization tools in Reginout to easily restore your computer's speed. 



  • Download Regin out software.
  • Install and run the program.

Enable Hyper-V

As default, the Hyper-V feature is disabled. It is worth a try to enable Hyper-V to fix Windows 8 hangs.

  • Open the Charms Bar. (Press Windows Key + C)
  • Select Settings | Control Panel.
  • Click General | More Settings.
  • Click Programs | Turn Windows Features On or Off (Under Programs and Features).
  • Windows Features dialog shall open.
  • Uncheck Hyper-V box and click OK.

Optimize Drives

Drive Optimization is a process of defragmenting your hard disk drive. Windows 8 hangs if the hard disk drive is fragmented. Optimize the drives to repair this problem.

  • Click Start.
  • The Start Screen shall appear.
  • Type Optimize Drives in the Search box.
  • Click Apps icon.
  • Click Optimize Drives from the Search Results.
  • Optimize Drives program shall open. Select all drives appeared in the list and then click Optimize button.This process may take an hour or two depending on the actual fragmentation.

Enable ReadyBoost

Disk thrashing leads to Windows 8 hangs. When your computer is running out of physical RAM, the virtual memory is used which is much slower than reading from physical RAM. Hence we have come up with a solution- enable ReadyBoost. Enabling ReadyBoost allows your computer to use a compatible USB Flash Drive like your physical memory. In other words, the USB Flash Drive is used as a system cache. There are two important aspects- 1) You must have a ReadyBoost Compatible USB Flash Drive; 2) There should not be lot of files stored on it.

  • Connect a USB Flash Drive and wait till it is recognized.
  • Right click it’s icon, select Properties.
  • Drive Properties dialog shall open.
  • Click ReadyBoost tab.
  • Select the option Use this device.
  • Move the slider to extreme right if you want the drive to be used completely. For partial use, adjust the slider accordingly. Alternatively, specify the size in MB.
  • Click Apply | OK.

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