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New Version of Win. 10 D/Load & Install time

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54 minutes ago, johnoo said:

What would be the D/Load plus install time for the new features version?

Depends on the Internet speed at your end, but some reports suggest the download is 4GB so it could take a while. There are also suggestions that the development path for 2004 has been far from smooth with a handy supply of bugs, many seem to have taken quite some time to fix. So unless you really want the security update it seems best practise to leave it as long as possible and have other users debug it for you and let Microsoft iron out the nasties before you bite the bullet.


https://www.computerworld.com/article/3561635/bumps-on-the-road-to-the-win10-version-2004-rollout.html#:~:text=It's a big update - 4,down easy over many connections.



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In the real world, my experience is somewhat different from this.

I have upgraded 15 machines to version 2004 so far.

These have been as much as ten years old - i.e.  Intel 775s, AM2+. AM3, i3 (3rd generation) and i5 (3rd + 4th generation)

None has had any problems at all - all have been advised that the update was available for download and installation.

I have only come across one laptop - an i5-4200U Haswell ULT which has still not been given the go ahead to download/install.

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3 hours ago, Boris said:

In the real world

So you live in the real world, that explains a lot.

Me I'm unsure, I think I may be fictional or perhaps a figment of your imagination. In which case may I suggest that you need a rest as coming up with something like me is a clear sign of a deranged mind.

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Not bad all things considered particularly for ninety two, still fully compos mentis. We go out shopping every week but have yet to resume the weekly dining out at a hostelry of her choice. We talk about it but I think she's still a bit wary of the covid situation so it keeps getting put off. We will have another think on it next week.

You ?

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