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One year since -pops- last looked in

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While his posts had become less frequent -pops- used to check in on occasion up to last July 13.  Hope he's OK but as another chronologically enhanced member with health issues you fear the worst.


Message to all members still with us, just say hello.

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from me too 😎


Still here at some time each day wielding the Mod's axe when necessary.


Irene looked in about 3 weeks ago as well.

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Belatucadrus  - I've tried to messaged you, but not sure if it is still working ???


PS Is your contact email still the same as in your profile ?

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Messaging works fine, I've been offline most of the day as we had an electrician in to diagnose and fix a wiring issue and he had everything unplugged as he unwired assorted sockets to test and pinpoint the problem. 

As to the e-mail ancient but for the moment still functional despite Talk talk saying they were going to kill it.

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11 hours ago, johnoo said:

Still with you all J Clark, got Brain Cancer but trying hard.


Bummer about the big C, just hang in there.

I'm not planning on getting it but assorted brands of it have afflicted rather too many of my immediate family over three generations so I have no preconceptions about my own mortality.

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Maybe take it as permission to do all the stupid stuff you've wanted to do but haven't got around to doing for a whole host of "practical" reasons.

Which is a point we should all consider, make the most of things while you can, none of us know what's around the corner.

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