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Using AutoStreamer


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What if there was an application that makes slipstreaming too easy? Well there is such an application known as AutoStreamer

AutoStreamer can create a slipstreamed Windows XP Service Pack 2 with a few clicks. It's so good that you can then burn the ISO file that AutoStreamer will create for you to a CD. You can then Install Windows XP and have Service Pack 2 installed for you along the way.

What Do We Need?

Windows XP: Any Version

Windows XP Service Pack 2


CD-Writing Software

Windows XP Installation Disk

Place the disk in your CD/DVD ROM drive.

Windows XP Service Pack 2

You will need to download Windows XP Service Pack 2 from Here


You can download AutoStreamer from Here

CD-Writing Software

Must be capable of burning an Image [iso] file.

Let's Begin

Once you have downloaded AutoStreamer you will need to extract the contents.

Now within the extracted folder click on the file AutoStreamer and allow it to open.


Leave the check next to: I want to use my original Windows CD and click Next


Windows CD Drive: Allow Autostreamer to scan your drives...

Service Pack files: Click the magnifying glass and browse to the loaction of the executable of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Allow it a few minutes to scan this file.

Temporary folder: This is where AutoStreamer will keep all the files whilst AutoStreamer is at work. There is no reason to change the location or name of this folder but if you want you can by clicking the magnifying glass and entering a new name.

Click Next to continue.


Desired label: This will be the name of the CD.

Target ISO File: Click the magnifying glass and choose a name of the ISO file that AutoSreamer will shortly be creating.

The desired label will be name that the CD would be recognised as where as the file name for the iso file is just a name for a file. There is a difference in other words.

When you're ready click Finish


AutoStreamer will now get to work, it will first copy files from the CD to a temporary folder, it will then Integrate Windows XP Service Pack 2. You will probably see a few extra windows appear when the integration starts, do not not worry as this is normal. Then an ISO file will be created.

Burning this ISO File.

Place a CD-R in your drive and open up your CD-Writing software, for Nero version 5 Click File, Burn Image... and locate the ISO file Autostreamer has created and Nero should burn the file.

For Nero Version 6 click Recorder, Burn Imgage...

Once the burning has completed you've finished.

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I believe you're using XP, did you r/click > "extract all"

If you download to "My Documents" it will create the unzipped folder in there with the same name

Yes I did R/cl and extract - seemed ok, except for vanishing into the computer.

I didn't get a choice as to where to download it to - it told me it had gone into docs and settings? :huh:

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Don't forget you can do it manually: See ;-)

Probably that will be the way to go for me. But not for a while - the probs with SP1 went on for weeks - although mine came on the disc with XP so I never had trouble.

I'll watch what sort of mess it makes first. :rolleyes:

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I just slipstreamed SP2 with AutoStream...

It detected the appearntly FINAL build of SP2 as Pre-SP2, i think because Autostream has not been updated to recognise the new final build of SP2.

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