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Trojan "Exploit"

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Just opened a message from "LinkedIn" & it put this Trojan onto my machine.

AVG picked it up & I secured it to the virus vault.

I have also got rid of the original message

My question:- Has it done any damage ? Please note I took these actions directly so it was only on machine for very short time.

Just interested in how these Trojans work

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6 minutes ago, AlanHo said:

Download and run the free version of Malwarebytes to double check that AVG cleared all of it.


Thanks, should have said that I ran Malwarebytes & it found nothing.

Also did a complete AVG scan again & nothing found.

Does this infer I'm OK?

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I guess so - I'm no expert on malware though.

I have the paid for version of Malwarebytes on my desktop and laptop computers which actively monitors all web traffic to my machines.  It's surprising how much stuff it intercepts.

I also have Web of Trust loaded which puts red flags on the items listed on the browser search results page if sites are known to be dodgy, an amber flag warning you to proceed with caution and a green flag giving you the all clear.



(I also wear rubber gloves when using the computer in case a virus escapes via the keyboard or mouse).....:scared:

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I have malware bytes on my desk to too. If something bad happens,and this is very rare because I am careful,I always disable system restore before running the scan,in case anything is lurking in the restore files. Re-enable system restore afterwards and create a new restore point.

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"I have malware bytes on my desk to too."

I have some scratches on my desk that are quite deep. I though it might have been caused by a mouse that needed to visit a chiropodist, but after reading  your above observation I will see if there are any malwares about.

I suppose one can never be too careful about these things.

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