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Has IE Suddenly Changed Layout or am I Seeing Things

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I downloaded a windows 10 update today.


Guess what - this forum is back to opening with Firefox again but there is a worse possible problem


The layout of IE has changed - it looks more like Edge and the menu bar has vanished - even when you click on the "Show Menu bar" option - nowt 'appens.


Can anyone corroborate this - or has my computer let Edge and IE morf into something else.

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Last update I can find reference to for IE 11 was released August 2016 click here. Not aware of anything more recent, certainly nothing I can see that would cause what you describe. So I will apply the usual call centre helpstation logic and respond thus-wise.



Computer says no so yes you must be seeing things.


Have you tried tried turning it off and back on again ?


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This is the layout that I refer to. Note the Edge type symbols top right with a Star to open the list of favourites which opens to the right of the screen. Like Edge - the favourites are in almost random order with folders and individual ones mixed up.




A few hours ago I shut down the computer and when I re-booted a couple of hours later IE looked as before with the menu bar available and my favourite button saying "Favourites". Click on that and my favourites appear to the left of the screen with those in folders first in alpha order followed by individual ones.


I have just booted the computer again and this hybrid version of IE has appeared again. This time I noticed a smilie in the top right row - when you hover over it a message appears saying "Tell us what you think". Click on it and two smilies appear - one with the text "send a smile and the other "Send a frown"


This leads me to think its a beta version that kicks in randomly.





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MS don't want us to run the old programs, and has made them play up, this is why I have gone along with them on that score and no longer try to run IE and Windows live mail.  I am blowed however that I am running Mail for windows or edge, this is why I now run third party programs like FF and Thunderbug. Why not stop upsetting yourself and do the same? :brilliant:

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On 9/30/2016 at 11:30 PM, Gandalph said:

It's just bloody Windows Alan. It does what it wants when it wants, and where it wants. 


That's why I didn't bother with the upgrade to 10, I've always retained control of the Windows updates and when I discovered that the free version took that away and in order to get it back I'd have to pay for Pro and I decided not to bother.

Thus far I've yet to see anything that would persuade me I made the wrong decision.

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I was lucky with my Laptop. I was running Windows 8.1 Pro and got the free upgrade to 10 Pro. It's running OK at the moment with none of the problems other Forum members seem to be having. 

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