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Does VPN offer virus protection?

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Are you for real, margaritalewis?


The normal approach for writing theses is for the writer to have rather more knowledge than the reader. Obviously you lack this.


A start would be for you to obtain an up-to-date version of Windows.

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You are not a descendant of one of my teachers of years ago are you ? Many of them seemed to work on your apparent principle.

A friend of mine had a brother who was actually a full time art teacher.  He made an extra quid or two by teaching mathematics at "night school", by reading up the evenings lesson during the day.

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Nothing wrong with that - in my early twenties and skint - I got a part time job (3 evenings and Saturday morning) job at the local technical college teaching Engineering Drawing to 1st year ONC students.


I would swat up tomorrow's curriculum the evening before, so it was all nice and fresh in my mind when I took the lesson.


It were perfic.

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To get back to margaritalewis. 


I use a VPN called VPNoneclick Pro. The yearly membership is Twenty-eight Pounds. It does offer some protection from Malware and Virii. I have been useing it for quite a while now and usually Logon to a server in Canada I have never had any problems with it so far. HTH. 

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