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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guise, new here to this particular forum. I've been digging on google for some time and haven't been able to come up with a way (within my own capabilities) to do what I want. I want to have a timeout for my open windows. Say I get up from the computer for a few hours, I want all my windows open to minimize as with the show desktop button. I am not very partial to the screensavers windows comes with and one you find on the internet tend to use alot of cpu time. I know I could just have it go black or just turn off my monitor but often times I leave my computer after having done something requiring that I have a lot of windows open. In some cases I may have sensitive items open that I wouldn't want others to see or games running. If anyone has a clue as to how I could possibly approach this I would really appreciate the help. I'm not a programmer so that option is out unless you write it for me. If it is not currently possible then don't worry about it as I am well aware of other work arounds like just having the computer lock. I know that you can minimize with a keystroke so I was thinking that maybe some program might exist to hit keystrokes under certain circumstances like inactivity but I have no idea how to go about searching for such a thing...if there is. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am setting up a new laptop for my mother and want to keep it simple! I want her to use the Start screen - and not get confused by seeing the desktop half of the time. ( I don't mind having a tile on the start screen to get to the desktop, but I don't want the system going to the desktop automatically) Windows 8: when I exit/close Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, my system goes to the desktop not the (Metro) Start screen. I actually like the start screen and think it will be easier for someone who is only using a few apps. But it is odd that when I close IE, I end up at the desktop and then have to click on the windows key to go to the Start Screen. I am not sure if this is related to my installing then uninstalling a Windows 7 Start MENU X fix. When I first started using windows 8 I did not like it and wanted the windows 7 Start menu so I downloaded a fix - but I did not like how it behaved ( example - the windows key on the keyboard was then linked to the desktop not the new start screen) so I uninstalled the windows 7 start menu. Unfortunately I do not remember how my system behaved prior to the install/uninstall. Is it normal in Windows 8 that when you exit from the internet your system takes you to the desktop?? Can I change this to go to the metro Start Screen?
  3. Okay, I will describe the issue and then all the things i have done to try to resolve the issue. Remote Desktop Connects and then immediately disconnects when trying to remote into one particular computer. I believe this has to have something to do with this users account and I'll explain why. From a MacBook Pro running boot camp to a Mac Pro running boot camp with the same Domain User Account on this particular user RDP Connects to the the Mac Pro then immediately disconnects. I have tried to connect from a New Install on a new MacBook Pro with the same user and it does the same thing. I can remote into the Desktop on any different account. It is just this account that has the issue. From the laptop I can remote into any other computer or server just not this desktop. I tried removing the user account and re-adding it. But no luck. Any Ideas or help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello. This is my first forum post, I hope that I can make my problem as clear as possible! I still have a 2003 windows desktop. (yah I know....) but it's been a great computer. A few months ago it started "crashing" and an orange and green light appeared on the hard drive. Not blinking. The only way to "wake it up" was to unplug the computer or turn it off by holding down the power button. At first I thought it was going into some "hibernation" state. But I read a lot about hibernation for windows and nothing added up. Just recently my windows won't even turn on. It goes to the page where the safe mode feature is. I've tried all the modes you can run it in, but nothing works. Anyone got any ideas? Also, is there a way that I can copy all the memory from my hard drive onto an external hard drive through the boot menu? (since I can't go beyond that) I would appreciate anyone's help! Thanks! Shelby
  5. I had an unofficial Ms-Dos boot disk (FreeDos) and I was trying to dual boot it with Windows XP. I had made the partition with EaseUS and allocated 20gb. When I booted from the disk on startup, I followed the instructions, then turned my computer off. When I turned it back on there was nothing but a white error message in the3 top-left corner saying, "Error missing or corrupt operating system". So I deleted the the Ms-Dos partition, then used an official Windows XP Service Pack 2 disk and made a new partition and booted into that. I can view all my old files from the original partition except for the locked user files. Someone told me that it was because of the file "autoexec.bat" or something. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Hello, I'm fairly new here but I have an issue. Recently I was attacked with a trojan, though Norton took are of it for me. But ever since that insident, every time I restart my PC, my desktop icons get disorganized and the resolution changes. Icons also get big when I want them to stay small. Is there a way to save this possible? I have no idea why this is happening, and it has never happened before. What do I do? Is it possible that there is still malware in my System?
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