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  1. I bought an old HP Presario running Win 7 last year from a local used-computer shop. Now I want to either sell it or give it away on Freecycle. Naturally, I need to wipe all personal data beforehand. The laptop came with Win 7 installed but no discs or anything to use to reinstall it. How can I wipe all of my data without losing Win 7?
  2. This is extremely aggravating and puzzling: I have both Windows 10 Pro (build 1703) and Windows 7 Pro (service pack 2 with the latest updates) installed on different NTFS disks/partitions on the same computer (actually, I have two computers with both installed). Here's the aggravating problem: If I first boot Windows 10 and then boot into Windows 7, I get "Disk needs to be checked for inconsistency" and runs CHKDSK on most, if not all, of my dozen disks & partitions. While doing so, it always finds numerous errors and repairs them. When all those CHKDSKs are finally done (after at least 15 minutes) it usually automatically reboots and again I get lots of "inconsistency" errors and CHKDSK runs (not all of which find anything wrong). If I keep rebooting Win 7 without ever booting Win 10, eventually it boots cleanly without any "inconsistency" errors or CHKDSKs. But after Windows 7 boots without any CHKDSK problems, if I then boot into Windows 10, it produces a dozen "inconsistency" errors and CHKDSK runs and finds and corrects a great many NTFS errors! Eventually, as I described above regarding Windows 7, Windows 10 will boot without errors or CHKDSK runs. But if I then boot into Windows 7, the whole aggravating, absurd, annoying inconsistency errors and CHKDSK runs start all over again! It seems to me that this means that Windows 7 CHKDSK is utterly incompatible with Windows 10 CHKDSK (at least for NTFS volumes)! AARG! Is this a known and acknowledged problem? Or is this situation unique to me? Please help
  3. For a couple of weeks now I've been getting several different BSODs on one of my 64-bit Win 7 Pro SP1 systems. I don't think I've seen more than one at a time (i.e., the sequence I keep seeing is BSOD, reboot with CHKDSK, then the system runs fine with no issues for hours or days before another BSOD occurs). Due to upload size constraints on this forum, I could only upload 3 of the 5 mini-dumps I've experienced in the last 24 hours. In that time, I've seen 4 different BSOD types: 0x03B, 0x00A, 0x01A, and two 0x04E -- but I've seen a couple of other ones whose error codes I can't recall. Raxco PerfectUpdater detects no out-of-date drivers, and I haven't added any new hardware in months. The only new drivers/services/software I've installed were for WinAntiRansom, which is brand new as of a few hours ago, so they can't be responsible for the BSODs. (I installed it because of an apparent "ransom" attempt that failed on a different machine). Both MBAM and Avira Pro report no malware. Also, I've exhaustively run MemTest86 v7 for almost two full days and no memory errors were discovered. I'm stumped, so I'm asking you geniuses around here for help. Desperately! Thanks! BSOD Mini-Dumps.zip
  4. I'm very new to this forum, so if this question has been posted elsewhere then I'd like to apologise in advance for that. I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate edition on my 7-year-old laptop and have been since Windows 7 was the newest kid on the Microsoft block. It was a much-needed replacement for the frankly-awful Windows Vista that my laptop came supplied with. When I heard that Microsoft were offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 I jumped at the chance, but on reflection have decided that my ageing laptop is probably not going to play very well with the new OS. I've managed to get rid of the pop-up that kept appearing, inviting me to download Windows 10. However, my Windows Update seems to be absolutely hell-bent on downloading the upgrade to Windows 10, which I'm concerned is blocking other essential updates from coming through. Can anyone tell me if there's a way of stopping the deployment of Windows 10 via Windows Update so that I can get any other updates that might be pending? I'm prepared to edit the registry if I need to (although I'd prefer to have full guidance on doing so). If I need to, I'll wipe the laptop and reinstall Windows 7 from clean but I'd like to avoid having to do that unless I really need to. Thanks in advance and anticipation.
  5. I have a new Western Digital external hard disk, which be with me like 2 months. Well, here's the problem, when i tried to open the content, my computer cannot read the external hard disk. Then i waited for several minutes, it does appear on my my computer section, but it does not shows what it suppose to show (like the hard disk capacity meter and the name of the hard disk). All it tell is 'CD Drive (G:)', and when i double click on it, it tells 'application not found'. I have check it on device manager, it shown over there, but like what i said, i cant open it no matter what. I run auto play, also does nothing. Also i google most of the solution tell me to use Disk Management, which they give solution to change the drive letter, i done it, but still effect nothing. It still the same. I've tried on others computer, failed. I change the usb chord, including the usb booster, failed. The disk inside the device are still running/spinning, and most of WD hard disk have the tiny LED light that indicates its working if it blink so much, but for my problem, the LED light just flashing still motionless. Any solution for this other than formating it, because i cant format it as well! Please help, there's a lot of important task and assignment in there that i need to get it back. Please reply ASAP...thanks
  6. hi, i recently bought a microsoft sculpt comfort mouse, and am now using it on my thinkpad x230 that is running win 7 64 bit. however, the annoying thing is that the mouse lags very often, and seemingly at random. the cursor is frequently lagging my hand movement. i read somewhere that this maybe due to some interference from devices such as mobile phones, nearby routers etc, so i have removed these from my vicinity and that seemed to help somewhat. but the lag is still there, so i thought it might be an issue with the laptop-mouse pair itself. a check with the Device Manager turns up 2 items with exclamation marks: "bluetooth peripheral device" and "unknown device", both under "Other devices". does anyone know if these are the causes of my laggy mouse? if so, where can i get their drivers from? (google searches turn up quite ambiguous stuff). if not, anyone knows what may be wrong? many thanks.
  7. So I got a new computer early last month and the 90 day warranty has not expired yet. I have an Hp Pavilion dv6 and it works beautifully...HOWEVER, for the first time in the history of owning a few laptops, I have encountered a BSOD at least 3 if not 4 times in the past few days. Perhaps its a Windows 7 thing...the HP Pavilion is my first laptop with Windows 7. At the third or fourth restart after going in safe mode then restarting, it no longer notified me of recovering from an unexpected shut down even though the problem was the same. When I went itno safe mode and doing a check on the systems, the security loader processor is the only thing that seemed to be of concern. The code is: BCCode: 7f ((whats that mean?)) I have searched online to try and get info on issues with the security processor loader, but many of those were for windows Vista and/or had a different BCCode. Can someone explain to me what this means? I have not asked the HP help site what the deal is because I know this is a problem with the system. I don't even know what the security processor loader IS. Since I like to learn about computers where I can, explanations would be appreciated. I downloaded the Windows SDK debugging tool. I have never used any debugging tools before so if this issue requires a debugging tool then I'm going to need step by step instructions to resolve this. And my last question is: if this is a minor issue, should i just deal with it? I don't lose any raw data. It is certainly annoying that the BSOD pops up randomly though. If anyone needs PC information, I can get it. Minidump information is attached. Thanks in advance, ~Jetta Minidump_01-24_Pavdv6.zip
  8. Dear Forum Members, My Asus K70IC notebook running 64-bit Windows 7 failed to boot 4 days ago. It was a very hot day and the soldering of a BGA IC set loose. The problem was fixed by reballing. The notebook is now working perfect but previous Windows 7 installation cannot boot any more. I get BSOD and error 0x0000007B at the beginning of boot process. I tried system repair tools (no errors), chkdsk /f (no errors), fixing MBR, rebuiling BCD (cannot find installation) but nothing helped. Nothing had been changed in the config before switching on again the working notebook except one thing: HDD was removed. After realizing the notebook does not boot I removed the HDD and verified it in another Win7 notebook to make sure HDD is OK. It was OK, but I'm afraid the Win7 on another notebook automatically made changes in the BCD or drive letters. Could it be the main reason? Please help me preserve the current Win7 installation on my notebook because installed apps store some very essential information for me which cannot be restored after a clean install. Clean install would be disaster for me. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi all have a Compaq Presario CQ40-617AU windows 7 computer. after a recent update i was getting a computer freeze on each boot. so i used system restore to restore back to a usable point. after the system restore i get weird errors. system restore did not complete successfully your computer's system files and settings where not changed. MOM.exe the original 527 couled not be located in the system dynamic library iertutil.dll (after research i installed the "download repair tool" from here http://www.errorfixes.net/mom-exe-windows-7-error.php but after install and on first run i get this error. "failed to create empty document" and the app wont run. i also get issue with intelitype.exe "could not be located in the system dynamic library iertutil.dll" (removed the drivers and reinstall)I get the same MOM.exe error for all users. There may be other errors that i have not found and i will update this if any more come up. I dont want to have to reinstall the os from scratch. as i have multiple users setup. if there was an easy way to backup the current users, reinstall from recovery partition and backup the users without the errors it would be great. as the system restore does not work properly here. thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  10. When I try to start Windows normally, a BSoD tells me to run chkdsk /f which I can't do because when I try to launch startup repair, it loads and then just shows me a black screen and a slightly larger than usual cursor which I can move. Running in Safe Mode also gives me the same BSoD. I tried booting my Windows installation disc but I still get the same black screen and movable cursor. I have minor experience with fixing startup problems but sadly, I have no idea of how to fix this. I will be happy to provide any information needed. Reformatting is not an option because my really important projects are there and I can never recreate them. Salvaging my data is not really an option because I don't have external hard drives or anywhere to put them. Please help!
  11. I have a Samsung Ultrabook NP540U3C running Windows 8. It is still in warranty, but I am so fed up with it I need to do something to make it work properly. The problem is that Samsung has partitioned the disc so that C: is only 40 Gb, which is far too small to run windows 8, even with all other programmes and everything I can manage being put into D: it keeps running out of space on C:. Why some manufacturers do this I have no idea; it always causes problems, but this one is the worst I have ever encountered. What I need to do is re-partition the drive. What I would like to do is re-partition the drive and change to Windows 7, because as far as I am concerned Windows 8 is not fit for purpose, unless, that is, your purpose is to make it behave like a phone that won't make calls. I have attached an external DVD and told it to boot from that, intending to use the partition manager and set up Windows 7. The only boot disc it will try to use, however, is a windows 8 disc which came with a Medion machine. I haven't let that run because that's not what I want, but I did go so far as to get it booting from the DVD. If the disc I put in there is Windows 7 it shows an error as Not Verified; Windows 2000 or Ubuntu it just doesn't recognise at all; it just goes ahead and boots from the hard drive. I'm wondering now whether what I want to do is even possible. Samsung have obviously done their best to stop anything except Windows 8 being put onto this machine. Is it that other operating systems will not be able to use the touch screen. Any help will be seriously appreciated, so thanks in advance.
  12. My wife and I have both just got new ultra books. The PC's are great but they came with Windows 8, which we both find cumbersome and unwieldy. Talking to my friends who have Windows 8, they universally dislike it. My question is, can I turn off the new features and run it as Windows 7.
  13. Completely new here...happy to have found such a great forum. A friend has given me an Averatec 3200 (I know, I know...) with Puppy Linux 528 installed only, no dual boot. The laptop actually runs great. However, after multiple tries to understand, work with, and use linux, I just want to go with what I know (Windows) and do a clean install of Windows 7, with at least a dual boot with linux ( if not possible to do just Windows 7). I am also wanting to install Windows so my kids can use it with ease for school, and their educational online games (tried installing flash for linux numerous times with no luck). This computer and understanding linux and operating systems in general have become a minor hobby for this mom . This is what I've done so far... DVD driver to the Averatec doesn't work, so I have downloaded Windows 7 onto a USB drive, using Burn Aware to create .iso files. At bootup of Averatec, I chose the USB drive to run system, but this doesn't run it and it goes to black screen with flashing cursor. I thought I created a partition for Windows 7 to run, and it shows the correct size of the file, but clicking the icons don't open anything. I read that basically to do a clean install, all linux code needs to be removed, except the boot part (grub?) to get the computer to boot. I am VERY NEW to linux as one can tell here...but I can navigate it relatively well, just need some guidance. Some research has mentioned that it is harder to remove Linux and go to Windows, than the other way around...if I have to go with dual boot, that is fine, but was hoping not to for ease of use for the kiddos. Thanks in advance :)
  14. Hello all, I am installing one software and backup fetching all file and at the end show error could not be install. Error No - 0x80040705 and Error resource - don net 40. firewall setting is ON and also windows update is ON Need help to complete installation. Thank You Aliza
  15. Hey Everybody, Stupid question, but is there a limit to the number of Ethernet Cards that can be included in a Windows 7 computer? I'm looking to add a third Ethernet card to a computer that has enough PCI slots to support that many, but I've never seen a computer that has had more then two. Is there a limit set by Windows on how many network connections it will recognize? - Jonathan Henderson
  16. Recently (probably after a Windows update!) I can no linger see images embedded in emails - just a blank box with a red x in it. Also, when on the web, I used to be able to right click an image and "copy" it, then paste it directly into Word. But now I get just a blank box. Is there anything I can reset to enable things to work as they used to? Is this a security issue? It's very annoying!! Any help gratefully received. Kate
  17. Hi! I am facing a very weird problem. I had windows 7 in my HP Notebook which was running too slow and lagging at times, I thought I should do system restore and did that using HP tool. It was completed successfully, However the very next day it took showed bppt error and took me directly to startup repair and did not show any issue. I reformatted it. and this happened atleast 5 more times when one of my friends suggested I should do a clean reformat and install new OS I did that. My PC worked well for a week and the same problem reoccured. ever since, I have been formating my PC every 2-3 days. Please Please help me with this! Is my hard disk at fault? no disk check shows any error.
  18. So, I recently got a new computer from Dell and it was a Windows 7 (64 bit) computer. I purchased it to replace a computer we already have running, but there is one application that just isn't compatible. The program is called Power-Link. It's a DOS program that reads log files and generates reports based on the files. It's a pretty simple program. It's a program that was designed for the radio industry which means there isn't really a market to shop for alternatives. We've been stuck with it. Anyways, the problem I've been having is that Windows has officially taken the stance that the Windows 7 (64 Bit) operating system will never support DOS programs. So I've been experimenting with DOS emulators such as DOSBox to try and get the program to run, but DOSBox seems to have an issue with it. That's a whole other Forum post. So I'm wondering what I can do to get this program to work. Is there any way that someone has found to get DOS running on Windows 7 (64 Bit)? Other Ideas I've Been Thinking Of - Does Windows 7 provide a way to somehow reduce Windows 7 (64 Bit) to Windows 7 (32 Bit) so that it would support DOS? - Is there an emulator that's better then DOS Box for logging programs? - Also, why was DOS removed in the 64 Bit version?
  19. Hey, fellas. Long time no talk, I have Windows 8 but it is giving me way too many bug issues. I can't even activate software or set an image to my desktop. And I had to contact Microsoft because my product key wasn't working. And so I am thinking of going back to Windows 7. However, I do love the look and feel of Windows 8. I would like to know if anyone knows a way to set Windows 7 up a lot like Windows 8. I love the new File Explorer, skin theme, smoother taskbar, and stuff like that. (The tiles screen and corner menus are the only features I don't really have interest in.) Now I have found a few Windows 8 themes for Windows 7, but I want to double check everything here. What would be the "safest" way to do this operation? And also, does anyone know if Windows 8 File Explorer can be installed for Windows 7?
  20. Hi, have a Sony vaio laptop running windows 7 home premium, and the sound hasn't been working for a while now. I've tried everything! looked at other forums, dug through my settings and options, uninstalled and re-installed, and run in safe mode (with networking). when i turn the laptop on in makes the starting-up sound, but nothing after that. in the 'normal mode' it says everything is running fine, even after troubleshooting, but in safe mode it says that there is no audio device installed, but the HD audio player is running. really desperate for answers. thanks in advance! ~Link
  21. Hi Guys, I have a sony vaio laptop with the following config: OS: Win 7 Pro Ram: 6 GB HDD: 650 GB Processor: i7-2640M @ 2.8 GHZ HDD RPM: 5400 I have installed Windows XP using Microsoft Virtual PC. I run three programs in XP Mode and a couple of programs in Windows 7. I have allotted 1.5 GB Ram to XP mode. In the xp mode the performance is very slow. At times even opening my computer and navigating to a folder takes a while. Is there anything I can do to speed things up? Can I overclock my laptop also? Please advice. Thank you, Cheers, Sam
  22. I have a Windows 7 Pro machine that automatically logs into standard user. I need to disable auto-login. The PC is not joined in a domain. I have tried the following things: 1. start > netplwiz > enter. Then I checked Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. 2. Hold down shift key when the system boots. 3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon Double-click the AutoAdminLogon entry, type 0in the Value Data box, and then click OK. Any other suggestions?
  23. Hi all, I am building my own PC for the first time. I thought I would save money by purchasing Windows 8 through my school. On the Software download page, Windows 8 is listed for $19.75, quite a bargain. However, now that I look more closely (only when I clock on the product and look for product details) I realize that this is only an UPGRADE, not the full OS. Therefore I need a Windows OS already installed in order to make use of the product (something that is not included in their "System Requirements". Anyway, the point is, I am wondering if I can boot up my new computer with something like Windows Vista or Windows 7 from a flash drive and then download the Windows 8 Upgrade to my hard drive and go from there. If so, can I use an old product key for one of those operating systems? I think we have a disk for Windows Vista and the computer which we installed it to is no longer in use. Can anyone think of a better work-around? Even if I have to buy Vista (~$50 these days I think) and then buy the $20 upgrade, it would be less than the full price of Windows 8 which is probably between $150 and $200. This seems like a pretty big oversight overall because I could not even find the full version of Windows 8 on the microsoft website, and even the customer service person I talked to didn't know how I would purchase it through their site. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. -Ryan
  24. I have Windows 7 64 bits on a new Lenovo Thinkpad E530 laptop (previously I had Windows 8 with the exact same problem). I connect an external hard disk drive via a SATA-USB interface. The hdd was previously the primary disk in a PC and also has a Windows 7 64 bits installation. I need to copy a few files from it. The device manager finds the disk drive and says that the device is working properly and that the latest driver is installed. But I have no access to it in the file manager. Even in the command prompt I cannot do "cd D:" but then get the reply that the drive is not ready. Device manager / Ext Hard Disk properties / Volume says that its status is "Not Initialized". Would it help to "initialize" the disk? How do I do it? Would an "initialization" remove the content of the disk? Is there another way? Thank you for any advice! Best regards to you all
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