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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I've installed Windows XP Profesional SP2 for my brother's PC (Core 2 CPU, ASUS motherboard) few years ago. Last week, my brother told me his PC did not function after boot up. I took his PC for checking and found that the mouse couldn't move from power on till XP boot-up "completed". The problem persisted no matter I booted the PC in normal or safe mode. I tried connect functioning PS/2 mouse to the PS/2 mouse port and USB mouse to all available USB ports (4 available) but still couldn't make the mouse to move at all. The PS/2 keyboard seemed function normal. I checked the BIOS sett
  2. My 5-6+ years old Dell Inspirion won’t boot. Sometimes it just starts the fans and beeps a couple of times before it dies. In the past it has always worked to pull out the power cord and let the machine stand unplugged for a while. One time that trick didn’t work. I unplugged it, reseated the ram and used an air blower to clean out the dust. After that the machine worked again. It has been working for two months now. This morning it didn’t work. So in addition to reseating the ram and air blowing, I also reseated the video card and changed the battery on the motherboard. I had to change
  3. Dear Forum Members, My Asus K70IC notebook running 64-bit Windows 7 failed to boot 4 days ago. It was a very hot day and the soldering of a BGA IC set loose. The problem was fixed by reballing. The notebook is now working perfect but previous Windows 7 installation cannot boot any more. I get BSOD and error 0x0000007B at the beginning of boot process. I tried system repair tools (no errors), chkdsk /f (no errors), fixing MBR, rebuiling BCD (cannot find installation) but nothing helped. Nothing had been changed in the config before switching on again the working notebook except one th
  4. I've always had Windows 8 in my notebook. Some months ago, I installed Ubuntu 13. Today, I wanted to delete it, so I deleted the ubuntu partitions from the Windows disk utility. When I restarted it, there is a message in a black screen, and a kind of terminal from ubuntu saying: [ GNU GRUB version 2.00-19ubuntu2.1 Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions. grub> _______ ] There isn't any way to enter Windows. Tried form the Sony Assist
  5. I want to copy a dvd and make the copy a bootable dvd. How do I do that?
  6. Hi there, I'm having a lot of different boot issues with my computer and was hoping you could help. I used to have dual OS, one hard drive with Windows 7 64x bit (I'll refer to this one as HDD1) and another with Windows 7 32x bit (and refer to this one as HDD2) it's also worth mentioning a long time ago I had Linux Mint running on HDD1. I was running off HDD2 before I installed 64x on HDD1 and I realised the other day it had been a year or so since I made the switch and HDD2 was sat there doing nothing so I decided to format. This is where my problem started. I was having issues formatti
  7. Hello, I had a 500gb disk split into a couple of partitions a small system partition, then approx. 220gb for window vista (original when purchased) and a windows 7 (later added). I recently purchased windows 8 and installed this to the vista partition, I formatted the partition during the install process. I wanted to keep my windows 7 and 8 with the OS selection when booting, but now when I boot it goes straight to windows. I have gone into the startup & recovery setting section under the advanced tab of the computer properties window, but while it says to display the list for 30 secs,
  8. Hi there, I have a decent PC (i7 2600, 16gb ram, SSD + 2HDDs, etc). I've been using it for about a year. Since it's a work machine, in the last few weeks, I've been using VMware on it to use other experimental software, with no problems. Today, I tried to create a new VM and the software asked me to update it to a new version. I did it, create new VM and rebooted to change a config in the Bios (about virtualization). But when I tried to boot again, surprise: BSOD. STOP: 0x0000007b, (0xFFFFF880009a9928, 0xFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000) When I got back to the
  9. hi, i installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS, completely overwriting and deleting windows 7, i have a windows 7 disk that works on other pc's. if i put a disk that has a Linux distribution on, it is recognized and boots into the cd, if i load a cd with a windows OS on it just loads straight back into UBUNTU. I need to totally uninstall ubuntu and go back to windows 7. Thank you Ancylla
  10. Hi everyone, I've just upgraded my laptop's hard drive, and managed to make a right mess of things. This has me quite stumped. My laptop is a dell, and the factory install has 3 partitions: DISKPART> list partition Partition ### Type Size Offset ------------- ---------------- ------- ------- Partition 1 OEM 39 MB 31 KB Partition 2 Primary 12 GB 40 MB Partition 3 Primary 919 GB 12 GB Partition 1 contains a DOS installation and a few utilities. Partition 2 contains system recovery software, and the
  11. Okay, so here's the problem. When I boot up with my USB flash drive in (it has Windows 8 on it) it just keeps on beeping, and stays at boot screen. I can't even go into the BIOS setup. Any help? I'm on a HP Pavilion dv6, and the drive is bootable.
  12. So I have this old emachines computer that has system32 errors and won't boot.. So I put in the windows xp install cd in there and the booting process just continues as if the cd isn't even in there.. I put the windows xp cd in my primary computer and it recognized it so it's not the cd. I put the windows 7 install cd in the emachines computer and it recognized it so that means the cd drive works. I am totally stumped as to why the computer won't boot the disc. Thanks for help in advance! Henry
  13. I had an unofficial Ms-Dos boot disk (FreeDos) and I was trying to dual boot it with Windows XP. I had made the partition with EaseUS and allocated 20gb. When I booted from the disk on startup, I followed the instructions, then turned my computer off. When I turned it back on there was nothing but a white error message in the3 top-left corner saying, "Error missing or corrupt operating system". So I deleted the the Ms-Dos partition, then used an official Windows XP Service Pack 2 disk and made a new partition and booted into that. I can view all my old files from the original partition except
  14. So yesterday I built my own computer and all. Everything worked fine, fans, no Leds shining or anything so I thought it was about time to get into my bios and change so the DVD was booting up first. After I'd done that I put my Windows 7 DVD in and run the installation. The first time I tried to install it got stuck at copying files so it just stayed at 0% so I closed the installation and shutdown the computer. Then I switched the SATA cable from the DVD to another slot and it said like "BOOT MGR is missing". So I changed back to the same slot and the installation could be booted again. The
  15. I have a rather strange situation on my hands. You see, here at my new workplace, we have a certain industrial machine which requires several programs and drivers which, in turn, only run on Windows 95. In addition, the installation CDs for said programs and drivers have evidently been missing for the last ten years. Up until now, we have been using a Compaq Prolinea 4/66 which is probably older than I am, but it's on its last legs and so it has fallen to the resident assistant IT tech (me) to come up with a solution that doesn't cost the company any money. Now, I happen to have an old HP
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