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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, I am installing one software and backup fetching all file and at the end show error could not be install. Error No - 0x80040705 and Error resource - don net 40. firewall setting is ON and also windows update is ON Need help to complete installation. Thank You Aliza
  2. Hello, I have a problem during the installation of a software (the software is Battery 4) When the installation starts, this error occurs: Runtime error in setup script: Line 438: access violation at address 74A715DA in module 'version.dll'. Read of address 00000004 So I cannot install my software. How can I fix this error?
  3. Okay, so the version of Windows 8 pro I downloaded said "The OS IS NATIVE PORTUGUESE PT-BR" so my question is will I be able to change it to English once I installed it?
  4. After hard disk failure I installed a new hard disk and needed to re-install Windows 8 Media Center Edition which had originally been properly installed and activated in October 2012. After a false start (i.e. installing Windows 8 without first installing Windows Vista - why does the upgrade disk let you do this if it is not going to work?), I re-installed Windows Vista from the original OEM CD, Then I re-installed the Windows 8 Pro upgrade from the original CD pre-ordered and bought from Microsoft. This installation activated but only after I had used the telephone service and confirmed that it was being used on a single computer. I then added Windows Media Center using the free key originally sent to me on 30/10/2012. Now the computer gives me frequent instructions to activate the software but, when I click the button, it tells me "Windows could not be activated", and cites error code 0xC004C4AA unhelpfully described as "unable to find detailed error description". I have contacted Customer Support as instructed but the representative told me that I must have a technical problem and that I need to contact technical support. It seems unlikely that it is a technical problem. I suspect I have wrongly fallen foul of an anti-piracy measure following the Media Center activation deadline of 31/1/2012, and Microsoft wrongly thinks that I am trying to use the Media Center code on a different computer. I expect I am among the first of many people who will need to re-install who will experience this problem. To make matters worse, I have re-installed Microsoft Office Professional 2007 from my original OEM disk with the original key but when I start an Office program, it tries and fails to start MS Office Hybrid, which is the trial version of Windows that runs for up to 60 days on a new computer. I assume that it is doing this because it thinks that it is running on an illegal copy of Windows. What can I do? I am not inclined to go through the entire re-installation process again, partly because it takes so long, and partly because I suspect that, if I did, Microsoft would start to think that I was installing one copy of Windows on an office block full of computers.
  5. So for a long long time I've had problems with the Windows Installer service not being accessible and not letting me install things etc. However I remember I followed a guide to fix it and it just made things worse, the windows installer service was gone entirely. I've not really bothered looking for a fix because it's just become strenuous and I didn't particularly need anything installed at the time. Now I do however, and I've no idea where to begin. Some notes however. I use Windows Vista x64, but I didn't get an installation disc with my PC so I can't reformat it, nor do I know how to anyway.
  6. Hi forum, I need to replace my laptop's hard drive (SMART keeps on warning me), and I want to keep my original copy of Windows. The problem is that is an OEM version, and I don't have the installation disc. Is there any way to download a copy of Windows and use the original license? Or may be do something else? Thanks.
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