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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, everyone, Here's a biggie for you. :-) One of my clients is still fully dependent on legacy software that was custom made for them in 1993. (Don't ask. Please. Don't ask.) On the server side this means Novell Netware 4 and Btrieve, on the client side we're looking at either DOS and the Novell ODI stack (network interface driver, IPX protocol and Netware client requester) or Windows XP, the Netware client for XP and a DOSbox. Yes, I know. Ugh. But it's a long story and the reality is I have to suck it up and deal with it. They're at a point where this dinosaur simply cannot be upgr
  2. So, I recently got a new computer from Dell and it was a Windows 7 (64 bit) computer. I purchased it to replace a computer we already have running, but there is one application that just isn't compatible. The program is called Power-Link. It's a DOS program that reads log files and generates reports based on the files. It's a pretty simple program. It's a program that was designed for the radio industry which means there isn't really a market to shop for alternatives. We've been stuck with it. Anyways, the problem I've been having is that Windows has officially taken the stance that the Wi
  3. I have a rather strange situation on my hands. You see, here at my new workplace, we have a certain industrial machine which requires several programs and drivers which, in turn, only run on Windows 95. In addition, the installation CDs for said programs and drivers have evidently been missing for the last ten years. Up until now, we have been using a Compaq Prolinea 4/66 which is probably older than I am, but it's on its last legs and so it has fallen to the resident assistant IT tech (me) to come up with a solution that doesn't cost the company any money. Now, I happen to have an old HP
  4. I usually do my beginner Java Console Practice using Command Prompt as the compiler. But there is a problem, my Command Prompt can't read ASCII. It's because there is no Lucida Console font in the Command Prompt. Previously I had installed Japanese Language bar to my Laptop, but it makes strange symbol in my Words, so I decided to uninstall it. But the Japanese fonts doesn't get removed. The " \ " symbol still changed into yen symbol. When I try to make ASCII with Java it didn't show up in Console. all becames " ????? " symbol. When I check the font, there's only 'raster font' and some jap
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