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Firefox???? IE IS BETTER!!!


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Internet Explorer






Who's to say whats best? It's more of a personal opinion than anything.

Don't forget there really is only 3 or 4 'types' of browser.

Trident-based - Internet Explorer

Gecko-based - Firefox

KHTML and WebKit-based - Safari

Text-based - wget

It's been asked before, and my opinion shall remain with the KHTML based browsers, although I prefer firefox to any other.

Taking a quick look at the comparison of layout engines on wikipedia, you will see that Gecko (Firefox), KHTML & WebKit (Konqueror & Safari) and Presto (Opera) are the only layout engines compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac and BSD. That makes them superior in my eyes.

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I reckon if you go back over the last 12 months posts you will find out what everybody thinks,

You will find at least one opinion poll,and may me more, on exactly this subject.

But to save you the trouble of doing it I can tell you that the best internet browser is the one that suits you, not everyone else.

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i just dont kno why every1 thinks that firefox is better than IE, IE is just better for me because it has everything i could ever want, and firefox doesnt!

so im starting a poll, vote for your fav browser between IE and Firefox

Why bother? As the others have said it has been done to death on here already, and is purely a matter of personal preference. :D

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I use several different browsers depending on what particular properties they have for dealing with various websites. My default browser if Firefox but the US Patents & Trademarks Office works best on Opera, IMDB works best on the now obsolete Netscape. These properties may not be the same for you but, they work OK for me and I'll stick to them.

In my view there is far to much of "which does what better" in computing and quite often the whole point of a computer seems to be lost in the equivalent of navel contemplation, using the computer as an end in itself rather than as a tool for doing something much more useful.

OK, everyone wants their machine to work efficiently but to worry and lose sleep on saving a few femtoseconds in accessing a website using one browser rather than another is not an ideal - for me anyway.

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I have some difficulties classifying wget as a "browser".

:lol: Yes, I can understand that...

GNU Wget is a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, the most widely-used Internet protocols. It is a non-interactive commandline tool, so it may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without X-Windows support, etc.


I guess it may not be a "browser" but it does retrieve files via HTTP :unsure:

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Opera has proven itself over and over again, it doesn't use KHTML but it will read a web page faster than Konquer and even Safari.

The slowest is very close call with IE and Firefox, nether are any good they are both buggy as hell, but I love firefox due to its web design/dev toolbars!

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I was an avant convert from ie , and Ive only been using mozilla for about a month , but since Ive loaded it with all these funky gadgets .. I lurve it ...yes its a tad slow to load , but I do like the extra buttons and the mondo colours

browser of choice now

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Now I know a chap can do odd things when he has shingles (or even dingles) but answering a post from April 8th is a bit odd.

But then again when I saw this post from April 8th this morning I thought that was very odd, since it seemed to have just jumped out of the cellar on its own, without assistance.

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