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I still have reservations about your architect


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15 minutes ago, Gandalph said:

Absolutely useless in the Winter with a big snowfall.

I can say IMHO that you probably didn't need the "Snow" qualifier. Most sedan/saloon cars would need to take a run at it, would probably lose the lower bumper when they ran into the bottom part of the slope and in the unlikely event they made it to the top would end up teetering like a kids seesaw at the top where the gradient flattens out, rear wheel drive cars would probably get stuck grounded at the half way point with the drive wheels in mid air. The only thing that would stand any chance would be a proper 4X4 with big ground clearance.    

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True. I took all that into consideration before my post but didn't think of posting it at the time as it seemed so obvious. What ever the vehicle, you are right of course, it is going to need plenty of ground clearance.  

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