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Awesome Windows Trick


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Now I thought this was awesome, I made it to where I can instantly change my desktop image just by clicking a drop box on my desktop. How do you do this? First of all make a new folder somewhere and put all the images you want as backgrounds in it. I took my images from C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper and put them on my D:\ Drive in D:\Images\Background\Web Backgrounds Next what I did is create this HTML file, you can edit it to your needing, but here it is.

<!--- Start HTML File



<body background='azul.jpg'>

<script language="javascript">

function bgchnge(a)






<select name='slc' onChange="bgchnge(slc.value);">

<option selected>CHOOSE ONE

<option value='./ascent.jpg'>Ascent

<option value='./autumn.jpg'>Autumn

<option value='./azul.jpg'>Azul

<option value='./bliss.bmp'>Bliss

<option value='./crystal.jpg'>Crystal

<option value='./Follow.jpg'>Follow

<option value='./friend.jpg'>Friend

<option value='./home.jpg'>Home

<option value='./moon flower.jpg'>Moon Flower

<option value='./peace.jpg'>Peace

<option value='./power.jpg'>Power

<option value='./purple flower.jpg'>Purple Flower

<option value='./radiance.jpg'>Radiance

<option value='./Red moon desert.jpg'>Red Moon Desert

<option value='./ripple.jpg'>Ripple

<option value='./Stonehenge.jpg'>Stonehenge

<option value='./tulips.jpg'>Tulips

<option value='./vortec space.jpg'>Vortec Space

<option value='./wind.jpg'>Wind

<option value='./Windows XP.jpg'>Windows XP






Where the <select value='input image.file ending'>Image file name

Put in the values that you need. Lets say I had the image Azul in the Web folder, I'd put ./Azul.jpg in value= then for the name I'd put Azul . Now all I did was set my background to that web page. NOTE: If you know HTML you can have it stretch on the background if you have higher res.

How awesome is that, now I just click down and choose a background!

For an added bonus, install Apache, MySQL, and PHP, then create a PHP Script that remembers what background you had it on. Or you can create a little text box that holds notes in it for later on. If you would like to see some of these, message me.

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It seems a bit excessive to use Active Desktop just to have a changeable background, especially because Active Desktop (in my experiences) is a memory hogging lag-fest.

Now, if you were to fully utilize the active desktop by using the app launching and calendar features (like those in many popular active desktop downloads out there) then it would be much more worth it. But just for a changeable background seems a bit excessive to me.

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...er...don't you have to type in the file names so that the drop down option box will work?

I find right clicking on the image and doing "set as desktop background" is normally enough...but then I've got some new fangled OS called XP...don't think it has been around long so lots of people may not have this functionality ;)

but then I'm one of those people who have never really understood the old desktop concept. When I am using a computer I can never see the desktop. I use shortcuts from my taskbar because then you don't have to minimise everything to get at them. Perhaps that's just me?

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That was very true under Windows 9X, I think it is somewhat improved in XP.

I recently tried an active desktop on my old XP (Home edition) system @ 1GHz w/ 512 Memory (average memory, slow CPU). The problem with active desktop is that it constantly refreshes itself when you close windows or quickly switch between (or use the desktop shortcut). Of course I am speaking out of my own experiences with active desktop and not as a general rule of thumb. It would seem that if you were truely going to use an active desktop, you would probably want to make an actual page of it (e.g. with app launch links etc.) instead of just as an image swapper, especially because there are many programs out there that will do this for you and will not hog as many resources as the constant loading problems you may experience with active desktop.

anyway that is just my 2 cents

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