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How to improve your broadband speed

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I no longer have such a high speed - 3 months ago I saved £15 per month by reducing to 50 Mbs and honestly didn't notice the difference. 


I am convinced such high speed are only worthwhile if you download films or play interactive games over the internet.  I use broadband only for browsing and Emails for which 50 Mbs is adequate.


I leave the computer on overnight when there are big Windows updates to be downloaded and installed.



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I have just phoned Virgin Media to enquire about my package. I was told that because of my present package, and the discounts on it, should I change it before next February, I would save 13pence per week. I wont be bothering.

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The Virgin package system is a land of magic, mystery, smoke and confusion. I have been with them since 1998 (T'was then Blueyonder) and have yet to work out their shenanigans 


I found out, almost by accident, during my last "discussion" with their sales Dept. that my package contract period and my loyalty discount period end on different dates. 

My contract period ends on 30th October 2019 but my loyalty discount ends on 10th July 2019. I also have an RIV discount which needs to be renewed on 29th April 2019 (I have no idea what this is)


Hence - if I forget to phone them 2 weeks before my RIV and loyalty bonuses expire to re-negotiate them - my bill will jump from £28.50 to £40.00 per month (I pay for the line rental annually in advance) and then £59 per month next October.


This covers :-

The Player TV (med). TIVO 6.

Line rental (paid in advance to get a good discount). Caller display. Talk more anytime (for Libby chat).  


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Seems  cheap in UK compared with Oz.   I pay $99 a month for unlimited data and free line rental - plus include Play TV box which allows me to stream movies etc paid latest releases. 2 yr contract and free set up plus router provided. Tech came out and set it all up when switch over came along. I get good fast speed according to google speed test. 


Ping 23  Download 42.96 Upload 6.31 

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