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My daughter recently presented me with a redundant TOSHIBA EQUIUM L20 197 . She had used it on WidowsXP for a few years in her business and had just replaced it with a more up to date Toshiba Model.

I decided to wipe the hard drive clean using G Parted, so I made the CD drive the boot-up drive and achieved nothing. So I tried running a linux installation disc in the CD drive with just the same success.

Does any one have any bright ideas or should I just go back to sleep?

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Than you all for your replys. 



Silly question, but Is the CD drive actually reading the discs ?    I'm not sure


Do you get the Press Any Key to boot from CD message I have not seen it.


You could burn the iso file to a USB memory stick.    Not sure if I have a big enough stick. I must have a look.


be worth getting into the BIOS to check the boot order. I have already made the CD Drive the number one boot drive.




......Linux but does it have the drivers that will run the CD drive.    Linux will run the CD drive just as well as any other dist/prog/etc.




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The CD drive spins merrily, but I suppose that is only proving that the motor is working.  

I suppose I could see if it would play some of the best music in the world, but alas I only have that stuff that is good to listen to .I'll try that.




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Boris   Does the light on the CD Drive flicker as the disc spins round ?


Yes it does, Boris.

I am rapidly getting ready to throw this toy out of  my pram, and  I am not sure just how much we would have used it if I got it to "fully perform it's function"*    

I am now trying to decide if I should put it against a wall and throw a brick at it  or alternatively put it against a brick and throw a wall at it!!

It's certainly not  my cup of sake!


*Phrase used in 1950s Japanese motor cycle manual explaining what the engine would do when the "going lever" was depressed.

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Difficult to tell from a distance, it would on the face of it be either a CD drive or disk issue but not sure how to check.  Does the one with a broken power connector also have a CD drive ? they may be interchangeable ? If not I'm back to the USB option.


Just a thought when my HP mini boots there's a very brief command menu that kicks in for a second or two before Mint starts with a few boot options, one of which is F9 which takes you to a subsidiary menu where you can select the boot device, anything similar on the Equium ?.

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You will find I think that there are different connections for the optical drives on the Equium + Satellite.

I believe I have a spare IDE optical drive which may fit the Equium.


Re. the broken Satellite, I repeat my previous offer :smile:


I would happily send you the postage/packing costs as I think this Satellite would be useful for my spares box


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Yes there is it is (F11).  I altered it to make the CD drive first in line but it made no difference.


I started out  on this project mainly to please my daughter. She knows how I hate throwing away things that might be of some use if "rescued".

Neither my wife nor myself have any real need or desire to use/own a Laptop.  Neither does my daughter now because she too is using a tower job. 

I once used one, but found it quite "foreign" and "unnatural" after using only a desktop model ever since IBM brought out their first offering, and we wallowed in Basic, DOS, dBase, wordstar, etc.

So I have decided to give it the big heave ho!


Thanks to all  for the advice and suggestions.

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5 hours ago, IMTNT said:

and do not give a used pc to Belatucadrus.


He will might find east asian crap to post.


Not sure I follow the logic here, why would being sent a laptop to fix get me to post links to the fine musical output from the land of the Rising Sun ?

As Boris wants it and has offered to pay carriage I still think chucking it a bit premature.

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I will be probing the depths of my Acer Aspire R3-131T 11.6" combined laptop and tablet later this week when a 525 GB SSD I have ordered arrives.


I have to clone the existing hard drive onto the SSD and install it in the laptop.  I trust Acronis 2016 will walk me through it OK.

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Further examination revealed that SATELLITE's  power input socket has been broken and pluging in the cable is not practical until it is mended (if poss.)

I have bought a new hard drive for the TOSHIBA EQUIUM L20 197 and fitted it yesterday.


I have not yet had a play with it because today we went up to Guisborough  to visit an old chum who has been bedridden in a nursing home for about six years. He can not walk, or speak and the total right hand side of his body is paralysed, due to his having a stroke whilst half way through an open heart  operation. He can move his left arm and an his left leg but he is totally reliant on other people to help him get out of bed and into his invalid chair. Communication is carried out by questions that need only a nod of the head or a shake of the head by way of answer. His wife still lives at their home (in Guisborough) and spend most of every day down at the nursing home attending to most of his needs before getting a taxi back home in the evening. She is riddled with arthritis and rheumatism and various other elderly ladies problems. He is 88 and she is a couple of years younger.  We try to get up there every couple of months, weather permitting.

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